Thursday, 16 May 2013

nail varnish: current favourites

|barry m gelly hi shine - blueberry| |opi - gouda gouda two shoes| |mua - stormy skies| |opi - i have a herring problem| |mua - pistachio ice cream|

now that my nails are finally starting to feel a bit healthier, i've been able to start enjoying nail varnish again and these are the ones i'm constantly reaching for.

despite the hype surrounding the barry m gelly varnishes, i actually wasn't too impressed at first. i don't know whether this was because i started using them when my nails were still in pants condition, (i have noticed an improvement with using them since) but the colours themselves are definitely worth the hype- blueberry is amazing- and so bright!
i'd not had much experience with opi nail varnishes until recently, and when i saw them for £3.99 on |fragrance direct| i was pretty chuffed. gouda gouda two shoes is the closest thing to pink you will ever see on me, with a perfect rusty tone to it. i have a herring problem was brought to my attention by steph who was looking for a butter london dupe, and i ended up lusting after this. it looks different under every light which i love, and despite the glitter, it's not a bugger to get off- yay. in case you were wondering, i can now see myself becoming a full on opi addict!
finally, two shades from mua which i adore. stormy skies is black but with a green/gold shimmer running through it- another great one to catch the light, and pistachio ice cream is my perfect mint's only taken a few years to find it (!).


  1. Love these shades, especially the OPI shimmery blue, lovely!
    I have found the Barry M Hi Shine polishes quite good so far, but I have topped it with lots of top coat, so could be that giving the shine/protection, it's hard to tell! :)

    Lyndsay xx

  2. i love the two opi nail polishes, they're gorgeous! xxx

  3. Love that shimmery BLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS


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