Sunday, 5 May 2013

my filofax week: april round up

it took me a few minutes for it to sink in that april is over. seriously, that month has flown by!

anyway, i gave my filofax a little makeover at the beginning of the month- i get bored with it very easily, oops. i've been secretly lusting after |this one| from their new range in aqua- the colour is to die for! alas, i cannot justify buying a new one, so be prepared for more washi tape makeovers!
i also have a super bright and fun new multi pen that was a birthday present from lauren- i know the colours haven't photographed well, but believe me they are amazingly bright in real life and have definitely helped to liven up those blank white pages.

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  1. Where did April go?? And here in Kansas City, it doesn't feel like May is actually here, because we've still only had a few nice days.

    Jillian -


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