Thursday, 4 April 2013

springtime sewing

just because the sun isn't out, it doesn't mean it's not spring. the daffodils are out, it's my birthday soon, and i've had my annual spring clean. so there.

okay, so that might not be a universal truth, but it's enough for me.
i don't know if it's a thrifter thing, or a sewer thing, but you know those piles of clothes that seem to accumulate (the ones that are missing a single button, or need a retouch to the hem) in a forlorn pile somewhere by your sewing machine? well today i have tackled mine, and re-sewn on half a dozen buttons, fixed a shirt hem and admitted defeat on a top that just can't be saved (don't worry though, that is now in the "clothes to be cut up for fabric stash" pile!).

it's been so refreshing and has made me actually delve into my wardrobe properly for the first time in ages. i really need to make an effort to wear all of my clothes and stop reaching for the same old favourites every day.

i then moved on to having a little organise of the mezzanine, though this is a constant chore and will never be finished! if you follow me on instagram (skyepennant) you may have seen the sewing caddy i made last week, in a effort to keep all my sewing essentials in one place.

the fabric i used was from my aforementioned clothes > fabric stash; an old pair of leggings that were beyond wear. probably not the wisest choice to use such a heavy knit for a little craft project, but it's worked out pretty well and is working amazingly at stopping me from losing things. it also stops pixel from stealing my pins and loose bits of thread- man can she squirrel things away when she wants to.

and finally, i was recently given this gorgeous fabric from my boss- i am in love with it. i'm sketching out some bag designs for it at the moment and am so excited to get started on another design.

i have a few other projects on the go at the moment, but i can't blog about them. the problem with having a blog that people actually know about and read (hello!) is that any presents in the making have to be kept under lock and key- boo! never mind though, i'm sure i'll be posting about them soon enough :)


  1. Well done on the mending, I have done a bit of that today. And am trying to get a dress finished! I need to sort through my fabric stash and decide what to make with it all.

    1. i hope you get your dress finished! ditto i need to do the same, think that will be a v.long process :) x

  2. I really need to attack the 'to mend' pile it is slowly taking over the corner in my Studio! I love that blue fabric and I can't wait to see what you have designed :)


    1. it's so easy to just keep adding to the pile isn't it!! thank you, need to get working on it :) xx

  3. you have a nice blog! mind to check out mine? maybe we can follow each other :)

  4. You are the queen of sew and thrift! xx


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