Saturday, 27 April 2013

quilt update #3

well, would you look at that; not only do i have half of my quilt sewn together, i also already have pixel's approval!

there are four more strips to sew on (to the left hand side) and that will be the top of my quilt finished. i'm starting to freak out a little bit about sewing the rest of it together- just this piece itself is proving to be a mission on my battered little machine.
i've started looking into easy ways of binding etc., and also thinking about what sort of stitching i'm going to do for the actual "quilting" bit.

all in all though, i'm still loving the process of making a quilt, and am really hoping the rest of it comes together relatively easily. if you want some more quilty inspiration, check out my pinterest board |here| and also check out fran's amazing quilt that she blogged about last week |here|.

i'm suffering from a rotten spell of chronic headaches at the moment which have pretty much dominated my whole week, but here's hoping i feel a little better tomorrow- crafty sundays are what it's all about :)

isn't that right pixel...


  1. It's starting to look awesome!! Good job!! xx

  2. I love it!the patterns and colours are perfect!Pixel obviously can't wait to claim it as hers!Sorry to hear you have been suffering with headaches!Hope they disperse quickly!xx

  3. It looks great! Love to colour combinations. Pixel looks very happy with it :)

  4. This looks so beautiful, I really love it, the fabrics and colours are all wonderful.

    I aalso want to steaal Pixel :P

  5. it looks great so far, well done sweetie! Pixel is so cute :')

    Pip x

  6. It's looking brilliant! I used bias binding on my quilt edges and machine stitched it on then folded and hand sewed, its time consuming but gives a lovely finish. Good luck! x

  7. That looks amazing Skye! I really to get my act together and use some of my ever expanding fabric stash and make a quilt! xx


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