Sunday, 3 March 2013

my filofax week: february round up

i decided to go with my aforementioned thought about doing monthly round-ups for these posts, i think it's actually quite a cool way to recap the month so hopefully this will stick. 

it feels like it's been a really busy few weeks, last weekend i visited my brother and sister up north (well, not really north, but north for me at least!) and it was so good to see them! 
i also went along to my very first blogger event at porta in brighton which was amazing, full of lovely people and lovely jewellery. 

other than that i've been working a little more than usual, along with driving lessons and theory revision (bleurgh) and of course, little bursts of quilting when i can as well! phewf!


  1. busy busy! I hope March is just as good as Feb xx

  2. whow beautiful blog!!!loved it...i just wanna ask that do you wanna follow eachother?If you follow me be sure that ill follow you back asap.
    so let me know dear



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