Sunday, 31 March 2013

my filofax week: march round up

despite being super cold a lot of the time, march has been a pretty good month!

i made my first official bag for my boss' birthday, and we celebrated with jelly and bucks fizz in the office (hyper afternoon i can tell you).
we had friends to visit and wandered like tourists around the laines. 
i passed my theory test (yay!) and have made good progress with my lessons.
i then had a busy week this week; a night out for a work meal, dinner with lauren and sophie, and then a trip back to the isle of wight for easter- it's all been awesome!

i've also had a little blog spring clean which was much needed! all of the tabs at the top of the page will now take you to archives for each category- hopefully it will make my blog much nicer to browse, especially if you're looking for something in particular.

you'll also notice the company blogger award badge in the sidebar; i know there are some amazing blogs out there, but if you like all my crafting and diy's, i'd love it if you could vote for me in the "best crafting category" ...thank you :)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

love hearts

it's been such a long time since i did anything remotely interesting with my nails- my poor box of nail varnishes has definitely been neglected. i'm working so hard at the moment to get my nails healthy again, and thought i'd ease myself back into nail art with some little token hearts to match my tattoo.
i couldn't decide on a colour (can you tell?) so i went for a bit of a mix and match; i love this colour palette! 

colours used: 
base - revlon top speed in hazy
hearts (index to pinky) - barry m gelly in greenberry, nails inc in brook st mews, collection 2000 in bmx bandit and models own in prey.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

quilt update #2

as i've been revising*/working lots lately, i've only been doing odd bits and bobs for my quilt, and last weekend i realised that i hadn't stopped to look at it properly to see how much i'd done. 

somehow, i have sewn together all of the individual squares- eek! when i realised, i laid the whole thing out again and it was so exciting- it was the first time i looked at it and thought "yep, you're gonna be an actual quilt!" (i hope that makes sense). 
continuing with my desperate attempts to keep it all in order, i've now used bulldog clips to keep each row together and can now start sewing them into long strips- so far i've done 3 and it's amazing seeing all the fabrics coming together.
i did feel frustrated seeing the pieces all clipped together in a corner, but actually, being able to work on one bunch at a time has made the whole thing less daunting, and surprisingly it's come together reasonably quickly. 

i'm really starting to keep my eyes peeled for a backing fabric now, ideally i don't want to buy new fabric so am looking at second hand curtains/bedspreads etc. i'm not even sure what colour i'm looking for yet, so that's gonna be a fun challenge. 

if you've made a quilt before, how did you go about picking your backing fabric? did you have something specific in mind, or did you see it one day and know it was the one?! 

p.s. if you're thinking of starting a quilt, please check out my friend sarah's blog for some inspiration. she was the one to give me that final push in starting my quilt when she brought hers into work- it's incredible and has so much history to it, i can't wait to see her finish it :)

*just a little side note to say that revision will no longer be taking up any of my time- i passed my theory test this morning, yay! 

Sunday, 17 March 2013


i've unintentionally taken a break from the internet over the last few weeks, it feels like ages since i sat down with my laptop and opened up blogger. i haven't even been keeping up with any other posts- my bloglovin' feed now looks far too daunting to even work through- oops!
i've been so busy with work that the work related dreams are becoming the norm, but i'm not complaining as i love it (the job i mean, not the crazy dreams!) and any other spare time is spent having driving lessons or revising for the theory test.

anyway, here are a few snaps of the things that have been filling up the rest of my time lately...

i've been trying to bring spring to the flat with a constant supply of daffodils- these are a particularly happy bunch :) 

this bag is my very first design using all of our products from work. it was my boss' 30th birthday last week, so we all clubbed together for the materials, and then i set to making this up! there are a few things that i would change if i wanted to make it again, but i'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and my boss loved it too- yay.

i've also been trying to take better care of my nails in the evenings; old time readers might remember that i suffered from a bad stint of calcium deficiency last year, and ever since then my nails have been looking very poorly. i'm starting to miss nail art too, so bought myself some new nail varnishes to keep me motivated in looking after them (also, these colours are just perfect).

i stormed through a few books at the start of the year, but things have definitely slowed down lately. i'm just about to start wuthering heights, i really hope i like it as my sister has been going on about it for years. let's hope i get some time to read it soon!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

washi tape

everyone loves washi tape, right? (right?!) so i thought i'd show a few of the ways i've been using it lately. 

above is a little peek at the card i've made for mothers day, just layering up strips of different coloured washi tape as a background layer, and below i used a few strips of a thinner striped tape to jazz up the only vase (ahem, empty coffee jar) that i have! 

i bought the cute star hole punch a few weeks ago, and had a go at making little washi tape stars- these are great as stickers if you stick the tape to an adhesive label, and i've even been sticking these on my nails for some uber easy nail art.

this might seem like a slightly odd one, but as i'm gluten free j and i have to use a lot of separate kitchen utensils- anything covered in washi tape is for gluten free cooking only!

and finally, some amazingly fun circus themed tape from tiger, used to recycle an empty tub for my bedside table. i love how this turned out and think it's a great way to recycle- i'll definitely be doing this one more often :)

i know i've seen blog posts and pinterest posts on the many uses of washi tape, so if you've got any other suggestions i'd love to hear them! 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

wine sorbet

a few weeks ago, i was contacted by cloud 9 bakery in brighton (the first gluten free bakery i tried when i moved here fyi!) and told about their new wine sorbet made using barefoot merlot wine. they very kindly sent me a bottle of the wine along with the recipe so that i could have a go at making it myself. 

i was a little nervous; it's only in the last year or so that i've started saying yes to a glass of wine (and then only red) and i'm still trying to figure out which types i really like. however, it's been a huge success and let's face it, with a description that boasts flavours of blackberry, raspberry and chocolate, it's gonna win me over pretty quickly! 

j and i sat down with a glass each on sunday afternoon, and when the sun made an appearance i knew that this would be the perfect recipe for barbecues and lazy summer afternoons. it's refreshing, super flavourful, and still makes you feel a bit like a child with a slush puppy :)

i'm now feeling curious towards other types of fruit sorbets that would work in the summer- let me know if you have any recipes! 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

my filofax week: february round up

i decided to go with my aforementioned thought about doing monthly round-ups for these posts, i think it's actually quite a cool way to recap the month so hopefully this will stick. 

it feels like it's been a really busy few weeks, last weekend i visited my brother and sister up north (well, not really north, but north for me at least!) and it was so good to see them! 
i also went along to my very first blogger event at porta in brighton which was amazing, full of lovely people and lovely jewellery. 

other than that i've been working a little more than usual, along with driving lessons and theory revision (bleurgh) and of course, little bursts of quilting when i can as well! phewf!