Tuesday, 26 February 2013

plastic fantastic

last thursday, i was invited along to plastic fantastic; an event at porta (bond street in the north laines for you fellow brighton-ers!) showcasing the new collections of some pretty awesome designers. 

with some of my favourite fellow brighton bloggers, we had the chance to ogle the new collections and meet the designers themselves; it was a really good way to chat to them and hear about the new pieces. 

being the crazy cat lady that i am, i fell instantly in love with the cat & goldfish necklace above by sugar jones- isn't it amazing?! 

i had a fun chat with anna of maggie angus about the weird world of blogging, and was super chuffed to see that her new collection catered to us monochrome lovers!

i think i spent the most time at the katzeshop table, i absolutely loved the detail and muted tones of the jewellery, and i also began to question the lack of collars in my wardrobe to attach these amazing collar clips to.

finally, i found myself at the designosaur table and thanked my lucky stars that there are other animal lovers out there who are talented enough to actually make jewellery in hommage to them. dinosaur rings and dodo and mammoth wooden laser cut necklaces- what's not to love! i've also spied a pretty cute elephant ring on their etsy page who looks like he could make me very happy.

i'm so grateful that i got to attend such an awesome evening, it was great to meet so many creative people! thank you again to david and amanda, and also to all of the designers (and your generosity), and good luck with the new collections :)

all images are by bob prosser via the porta brighton facebook page

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  1. Looks like you found an amazing place with some amazing finds............Loved it all and how they set it all up ..Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us ................HUGS
    Sherry @ THe Rusty Pearl


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