Wednesday, 28 November 2012

season's greetings

just a little post to say that i have some new christmas cards available in the shop; perfect if you're looking to send something a little more personal to your loved ones this christmas :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

diy christmas wrapping ideas

wrapping presents has always been part of the fun for me (i know a lot of people hate it!) and i love coming up with new ideas each year. last year i found some old traditional wrapping paper, the year before that i hand stamped tons of tissue paper, and the year before that everyone had their own coloured ribbon to identify their presents. 

this year i decided to go back to (reclaimed) brown paper which i have always loved, though i don't think everyone appreciates it; a few years ago i used brown paper and string which led to one family member rudely asking if i was broke!

anyway, i decided to try and work a few ideas together- the first being using old books to create name labels (i'm sure you've seen this kind of thing all over pinterest!). a charity shop round the corner from me currently has an offer for 5 books for £1, so i picked up some of my favourite classics to use. i have to admit it was quite horrifying cutting into books, but i made sure i picked up particularly battered ones so i didn't feel too bad! i then printed out some letter templates, traced around them and cut them out- easy! 

i bought the red and green butchers twine after sophie did a blog post about it and i really love it. i bought it here, and i think it adds so much to the feel of the presents. i also bought some gold ribbon from tiger (my new favourite shop) which was 250 metres for £1, total bargain!

the brown luggage tags can be found here, and the merry christmas stamp and ink pads are from paperchase. the stamp fits perfectly onto the tags, and i then used my typewriter to write little messages to people on the back. 

so there we have it, this years festive wrapping! all of these ideas have also been pretty thrifty, coming in at a grand total of £9.79. it's not until i see wrapping paper etc. on the high street that i realise how much money you can spend on it all, so these ideas are perfect if you have a strict budget.

i hope it's inspired you or at least made you a little more excited to get wrapping this year- let me know if you try any of these ideas out!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

nutella hot chocolate

if you're looking for an easy to make and yummy drink perfect for winter evenings, then look no further! i made this on a whim last week and it is honestly one of the best hot chocolates i've ever had; if you're a nutella lover, then you seriously need to try this out.

the only thing missing from these drinks was of course some mini marshmallows, but i'll be stocking up on those along with more nutella very soon :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

#i'm a piece

on friday, i went along to the amazing super+super headquarters to take part in a pretty cool crafty charity event. the night was organised by fran (who did an amazing job!) so that we could all take part in the campaign put together by craftivist collective; you can read more about it here.

it was an awesome evening, and being in such a creative venue with crafty people was great. the whole night was so good that it really hit home how important this campaign is, and it made me really think about the puzzle pieces i was making and how they could help. there were sheets of quotes that we could choose from for our puzzle pieces, and i chose the following: 

"no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."

this is definitely the quote that stood out to me the most, and i think it should be remembered in all aspects of life. 

these are my three finished pieces, one for me to keep, one to send to my local mp, and one to be used in the installation for the campaign.  

you should definitely check out the details for this campaign, and if you can get involved in any way, please do! you can also sign the petition here. it's amazing to see how many people are taking part, and to see how many talented crafters there are out there.

thank you fran for a brilliant evening, and to everyone i met- you are all amazing :)

(p.s. thank you fran for some of the photos!)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

winter light

striped top:topshop/second hand long sleeved top:hand me down belt:mum's skirt:fat face snood:hand-made

bleached morning light and the little one. snapshots by j. <3

Monday, 5 November 2012

snail mail

i'm spending more and more time getting back into letter writing lately. over the last year, kate and i have written to each other a lot, and her amazing letter sets have made me start to appreciate mine again. i have a pretty vibrant collection at the moment, and even though usually i'm into more muted colours, i love the thought of these brightly coloured envelopes landing on people's doorsteps. 
also, one of my very best friends is about to go travelling for a year, so as a little going away present i bought her this set from paperchase so that we can keep in touch in a more interesting way than facebook!
another recent pen pal is my granddad, and seeing how neatly and naturally he writes makes me realise how much i've come to depend on a keyboard. i used to write everything by hand at school, and i didn't realise how much i missed it- minus the hand cramp!

i still, (and probably always will) maintain that the feeling of coming home to exciting post is one of the best feelings ever, and it's so nice to keep in touch with people in such a personal way.

if you're a letter writer, let me know! i'd love to hear from other snail mail fans and also find out about the best places for pretty letter sets :)