Monday, 27 August 2012

crafty creatives giveaway winner!

just a little blog post to say thank you to everyone who entered my first giveaway- and thank you again to everyone who takes the time to visit my blog :)

i've now drawn the winners through rafflecopter and they are:

entry 75- jane

entry 143- rachel lawton

congratulations to you both! i've sent you both emails, but if you want to pop the lovely ladies at crafty creatives an email, (hello [at] craftycreatives [dot] com) you can let them know your details as well.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

brighton bloggers meet

on saturday i went to the brighton bloggers meet organised by lauren and hannah. despite feeling like super nervous for half of the day, everyone was lovely and it was a perfect summers day to sit in the pavilion gardens chatting away. hannah, lauren and freya have written great posts on the day (and also remembered to take photos). check out everyone's blogs by clicking their names: 

as part of the day we had a little "summer santa" swap and i was ecstatic to receive this amazing cat from freya. clearly this present was made for me (though pixel isn't sure what to make of him yet!) and i can't believe the detail on him- freya, you are seriously good at embroidery :)
hannah also gave out some lovely lush goodies, and i can't believe i'm admitting this to the world of bloggers, but the toner tabs i received will be my first time using any lush product!

this week has been pretty manic- i started my new job on monday on top of working both of my other jobs- 6 day weeks are a killer! hopefully things will calm down next week as i'll be back down to a normal (!) two and i'll get into the swing of things.

also, don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a crafty creatives box! thank you for all of your entries so far, and don't forget to follow crafty creatives on facebook and twitter.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

crafty creatives box two & a giveaway

i can't believe it's already time for crafty creatives box number two, but here it is! i don't think this months box could be any more perfect for me if it tried- i'm a seaside girl through and through so the nautical theme is pretty much my idea of heaven!

i've already made the bracelet from the kit, it's super cute and it was so much fun to do.
i can't wait to brainstorm some projects with all of these materials, last week i finished making some bunting for my bedroom and these three flags will be the perfect finishing touch once i've decided how to cover them.

and now for the exciting part- my blog is now closing in on 300 readers and to celebrate that and my love for crafts, i've teamed up with crafty creatives to offer two lucky readers a chance to each win this box!

to enter, simply follow my blog through gfc, bloglovin' or hello cotton, leave a comment on this post and follow crafty creatives on facebook. you can then also tweet about the giveaway, and follow crafty creatives and myself on twitter for additional entries. 

the giveaway is open to the uk only, and will last for a week. good luck, and thank you to everyone that takes the time to read and comment on my blog, you're all amazing!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 16 August 2012

william morris print purse

here is the second present i made for my mum's birthday using what was left over from the cushion. luckily, i had a piece of leather almost identical in size to the last scrap of william morris print fabric, and i thought it was the perfect time to attempt a little purse! 
i bought the magnetic snaps from ebay here and they were so easy to use- i think i may get a bit addicted to using them. the button was from a clearance box of buttons ages ago- i stocked up on tons of different ones which is slightly mad as i have loads, but i just couldn't help it.

and as i am on the subject of diy's and general crafty goodness, i have some pretty exciting news.
as of next week i will be starting a new part time job with an amazing little craft company in hove. i won't say any more for now, but finally being able to leave retail and pursue two jobs that i am passionate about is amazing. i've found it really hard juggling two jobs over the last few months, but i have always known that the retail job was taking its toll on me. to now be able to say that i work for two independent companies, both in areas that i love is amazing, and i cannot express how excited i am!

Monday, 13 August 2012

diy peppermint lip scrub

i've always loved the idea of a lip scrub, and after a little research i found out that it is even easier to make than i had thought- my kind of diy.
i'll let the photos do the talking as it really is a case of measure, mix, done- although maybe add an extra few minutes to make a little label!
the only thing to mention is that these measurements made enough scrub to fill two little sample pots (from the body shop) so you may have to adjust them depending on the pot you use.

i haven't stopped using this since i made it, it's so refreshing in the morning! 
i'm definitely going to be making this again, it used hardly any ingredients that i always have in the cupboard and i can't wait to try other flavours :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012


i made this jewellery frame when i first moved into my current flat, and have to say it's one of my most used and practical diy's to date.
i thought i'd show off some of my bracelet collection as i get a lot of comments on them and have recently added to the collection. 

left to right: multi-star bracelet:ebay, (when i was around 15!) antique charm bracelet:gift, shamballa bracelet:c/o cutey, silver heart bracelet:sawyer&scout, grape soda badge:gift, turquoise bracelet:gift

left to right: leather strap:fat face, pink friendship bracelet:gift from kate, green charm bracelet:gift, buckle bracelet:diy, shamballa bracelet:mum's, sewing charm bracelet:diy.

the main issue i have with bracelets is that they never fit me. i have stupidly bony little wrists and have spent years having watches and bracelets resized to fit, hence a lot of the bracelets shown are either diy'ed or elasticated. my mum gave me my first shamballa bracelet years and years ago (as you can tell by how faded it is!) and i love that they are adjustable. 

the shamballa bracelets from cutey are definitely more eye catching than my old one, and when they offered me the chance to pick one i instantly fell for the simplicity of the black and white design. it's been part of my go-to bracelet pile ever since. whilst the multi-coloured one is too bright for me, (i'm discovering how much i love monochrome every single day) i think these would make lovely gifts, as this one will be very soon. 

it's funny, i don't know if my love for these bracelets is partly nostalgic because of my mum's bracelet, but there is something about them that just makes me feel like a teenager again. i can't remember if they were particularly popular then, but that's what they remind me of, and i love them! 

Monday, 6 August 2012

william morris print cushion

as soon as i saw this william morris print fabric in the first crafty creatives box, i knew that my mum would love it. 
today is her birthday, (happy birthday mum <3) and so i decided to make her this cushion using not only the fabric, but also the gorgeous floral wooden buttons that came in the box.
this was so much fun to make, and i'm hoping to make a few more cushions like this soon- i have an image of a sofa filled with them!

this project didn't even use all of the fabric, so i'll be posting about how i used the rest of it up soon :)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

chit chat

i was pretty chuffed to find this in poundland on my last visit, it's so pretty! i never got into the hype of the opi/technic/every-other-dupe glitter nail varnish phase that occurred over the last few months, but i actually really love this. it's definitely a bargain, and i kinda wish i'd bought two.

i applied two coats to achieve the look above, and have also tried it over a few different colours- it seems to look great over anything :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

diy lipstick holder

this is a diy that sprang to mind on a particularly slow day at work (i am always desperate to be making things or working on other projects when i'm at work-typical!). so, after digging around every bag and craft box i own, i collected together seven plastic film cannisters and put together this nifty little lipstick (/make up) holder. 

i hope i wasn't the only one who viewed the lovely paper from the first crafty creatives box as a material in itself?! it's so pretty and works perfectly for this project and you know how much i love to re-use and upcycle :)

this probably took less than half an hour to make from start to finish and i think it's turned out really well. obviously i'm not the biggest make up fanatic (i love the idea of lipstick, i'm just not great at keeping up with it!) so seven cannisters was plenty, but you could just keep adding around the initial flower shape to create an even bigger version. 

and here's a little pixel snap to end with- diy'ing has become much more time consuming now that i have to wrestle my materials from her!