Sunday, 29 July 2012


robot print dress:zara belt:no idea

j came home from work a few weeks ago with this dress as a surprise for me (earning some serious brownie points i might add!) and i am totally smitten with it.
i'd seen it on the zara website and fallen in love with it- it's the perfect length, has pockets, a peter pan collar, silver studded buttons and the print is just too cute. j has always had a thing for robots, and consequently our flat is now scattered with all sorts of them- we even covered the bathroom in our first flat in robot wall decals. 

i'm pretty sure this dress has just fast tracked itself into becoming my number one favourite dress- thank you j <3

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

marbled nails

after being inspired by erin's plastic bag nail art post, i decided to try and give marbled nails another go, but instead of using plastic bags, i opted for an even lazier method- the cuticle stick!
all you need to do is drop a few dollops of your nail varnishes onto the nail, and swirl the colours together using the cuticle stick (or pencil, pen nib, hair grip etc.)

by the time i got to the last few nails i had figured out a few ways to get the best marble; don't push the stick directly onto the nail- i have a few blank patches where i scraped too much, and also work quickly and try to do one fluid movement/swirl around the nail. then you just need to clean up any messy edges and seal with a topcoat. 

this was so easy to do and i think it looks really effective- so much easier than water marbling which i have never managed to get right!

Monday, 23 July 2012


i painted my sisters nails to go and see batman, jelly shoes at the beach, jelly shoes & picnic blanket in the park, sister and her boyfriend at the beach, paddling in the sea (dress:h&m jelly shoes:h! by henry holland)

a perfect weekend with lovely people, too much food and too much sun (even factor 40 has failed me). we even witnessed a live wedding proposal at the cinema! congratulations to the couple on the front row :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

crafty creatives box one

so here it is, the very first crafty creatives box! i have been so excited about this idea since i first heard about it months ago, and it's amazing to see how well it's all come together. 

the theme for the first box is "florals" which has been put together beautifully, and i love everything that's been included. 
(i'm hoping you can read the postcard of what's inside!)

i've already decided what i'm going to make with the william morris fabric (which is gorgeous!) and the three floral buttons- fingers crossed i'll have that finished next week. 
as for the other bits, i have a few ideas floating around, but i'm trying not to rush into using everything, although it's very tempting! 

i'm so chuffed that i genuinely like everything in the box, and i can say hands down that it has been worth the wait. despite how good the price is, (£10+p&p) i don't think i'll be able to keep a permanent subscription, but i am definitely going to treat myself for the next few months- it's too exciting not to :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


in the last few weeks i've received some amazing little gifts in the post from some lovely friends/bloggers (floggers? bliends?) and thought i'd do a little spotlight style post on them. these girls are all amazing, as are their blogs/shops and if you don't know them already then i suggest you get clicking :) 

i knew as soon as i'd found pixel a collar that i wanted erin to make her name tag. i absolutely love everything in the "sawyer & scout" shop and particularly love the handmade quality of the stamped discs. i emailed erin to ask if she could make one up for pixel and i'm so glad she said yes- it's so cute! the collar is still a little too big for pixel at the moment but i'll post a photo of her wearing it when it fits. 

next is this amazing hat that i won in a giveaway on sarah's blog. sarah created the pattern inspired by the beanie ellie goulding wore in her "starry-eyed" video and i think it's perfect. i admire sarah so much for being able to just whip up a pattern like that, it takes me forever to work things out! thank you sarah :)
(pixel refused to leave my lap when i asked j to take these photos so you get a bonus one of her trying to attack my face!)

and last, but definitely not least is this adorable necklace that sam sent to me. if you're not all completely bored of hearing about pixel, i'm sure you have noticed the resemblance here- my own personalised pixel neckace! 
i absolutely love this idea, and i'm sure that all the pet owners out there will agree. i can't wait to wear it and it also doubles up as a brooch pin which is awesome. 
sam's online shop "polka dot dreams" is filled with the cutest pieces- who doesn't love animal themed jewllery :)

so there we have it- three amazing gifts, from three lovely ladies! they are all super talented and remind me why i love the blogging/creative community so much <3

Saturday, 14 July 2012

zig zag

i wasn't actually going to post about these because they didn't come out as well as i'd hoped. in theory i think this idea could work really well though- here's to more practice!

all you need is some masking tape and pinking shears (preferably paper suitable ones- sorry fabric shears!) and your two nail varnishes of choice. 

using the pinking shears, cut little strips of masking tape to the size you want your zig zag to be.

paint your base coat, leave to dry and then apply the strips.

paint your second colour over the top and leave to dry.
remove the strips, and apply a top coat.

i thought about using a nail pen to outline the zig zags, but my models own/wah nails pen has gone all gross and gloopy so will have to try that another time.

what do you think? i did get a little bit of a lightning bolt (read: harry potter) vibe from them which is obviously a good thing in my eyes, but i always get frustrated with nail art involving tape/layers/waiting for things to dry- i'm far too impatient! 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

what i'm knitting

one of my 2011 resolutions was to knit a pair of socks, and i totally failed. i jumped straight into trying to knit a pair of turkish socks and got bored about half way through the first one- too much colour changing! 

i haven't knit anything in ages now, and thought i should really give socks another chance. i'm using scrap yarn so it doesn't matter too much if i go wrong, and the easiest pattern i could find amongst all my books- these slouchy socks are from "love to knit socks" by bronwyn lowenthal of lowie

now i know i might sound biased because my first internship was with lowie, but i genuinely love all of bronwyn's books- the patterns are all amazing and easy to follow as well. 
coincidently, lowie have just announced their summer sale, (click here to see it) and if i could own basically everything from the spring/summer collection, i would be one happy knitted girl! 

if anyone has any tips for knitting socks then i'd love to hear them- are they worth it? and how do you keep your motivation when sock number one is finished & you have to start all over again for the second!?

Sunday, 8 July 2012

lazy sunday

watching the aristocats with little one, more blood tests, new favourite shirt, trying to get into using ibooks, harry potter no.4, cuddles, an exciting letter (more on that soon), baking, a surprisingly pretty sunset, mermaid nails, nails & tights, healthy dinner, slow loris kitten, duvet day & more cuddles.

i should probably feel slightly ashamed to admit that i have been in my pj's all day, but i really don't.
i've worked a 6 day week this week, which i know for a lot of people is standard (and boy do i salute you!) but for me this was a huge deal and i am now totally knackered!
coming home and curling up with pixel has been the saving grace of every evening, and even though she's becoming more mischievous by the day, i am absolutely loving having her around.

i was also super happy to be featured on the hello cotton homepage this week (thank you!) which is amazing; i'm so happy that people like my diys!
i really love using hello cotton at the moment, it's so addictive and easy to use. let me know if you use it too, i'm trying to find all of my favourite blogs on there and also find some new ones :)

i've also finally made myself a little blog button which you can find along with my hello cotton and other links on the right hand side >>
i'd love to start adding some blog buttons to my sidebar, so if you'd like to have yours there then just let me know.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

diy cat toys

i thought i'd post a little diy on how i made these toys for pixel- they've all been made from leftover scraps of fabric, and bits and pieces that i've had lying around. she absolutely loves them all, and even though some of them are already looking a little worse for wear, they were still fun to make and recycled of course!
the knitted mouse pattern can be found here, took about 15 minutes to knit up and is so cute! perfect for those little bits of yarn left over from other projects. 
for the fabric mice, you will need some scraps of fabric, a needle & thread, stuffing and some string for the tail. the stick was made from 3 ice lolly sticks stuck together with superglue and then covered with string using pva glue; it's not very solid, but it's holding out so far.

i also added some cat nip in with the stuffing, though i've read that kittens don't go as crazy for the stuff as cats do. if i make any more of these i think i'll add some little bells to them as well :)