Tuesday, 29 May 2012

diy studded wrap bracelet

remember my diy post on using an old belt & buckle to make a bracelet? 
well there was still quite a bit of the belt left over, so i bought some good ol' studs, glued a snap fastening to the edges, and made myself a little bracelet that my 15 year old self would have killed for! 
i've worn it loads since i made it, and love the fact that it doubles over on itself. i've also now managed to recycle the whole belt 100% which makes it even better :)

Friday, 25 May 2012


colours used: 17 lasting fix sherbet lemon, e.l.f smoky brown, models own jade stone, collection 2000 bmx bandit, gabrini 339 and eyeko nude polish

i can't believe how long it's been since i last painted my nails! i've been having a few more health hiccups which has included the demise of my poor little nails, and i have seriously missed an evening or two of nail art. 

i thought i'd treat myself though, and decided to go for a pastel mix- i was originally going to do a mixture of different polka dots, but i thought i'd give this dotty design a go- what do you think? it's become a new favourite of mine- think of the colour combinations! i've had lots of comments on it too which is always lovely :) 

i hope everyone has a lovely weekend in the sunshine, and don't forget to wear sunscreen (click for a link to an amazing video)

Monday, 21 May 2012

a little bike ride

denim jacket:hand-me-down top:h&m skirt:h&m belt:charity shop shoes:converse necklace:hand-made

on saturday j and i cycled down to brighton marina and spent a few hours sprawled on the beach. the weather was perfect- warm and hazy with just a little breeze to stop me from falling asleep right there on the pebbles.
i love the fact that the whole of brighton seafront is just one long cycle route, it's the perfect combination of amazing surroundings & flat ground! i can't wait for more weekends spent like this, if the sun hangs around then i think a picnic is going to have to happen very soon. 

i then spent sunday working on a few more diy's which i'll be blogging about soon :) i've been very lucky with my creativity lately and have been jotting down tons of little projects to get working on- fingers crossed this feeling lasts.

p.s. sorry about the squinty face, i think i've forgotten how to adjust to sunlight! 

Friday, 18 May 2012

what's in my bag

so i hope this isn't too boring for anyone; i know these posts are pretty generic but i still like them! 

as i said in my previous post, j bought me this bag for my birthday and i bloody love it. it's just the right kind of slouchy, is studded, and has the perfect amount of space (i usually have my lunch stuffed in there too). 

from left to right: 
diana mini, label lab purse, inhaler, 17 lipstick in berry silk, the body shop lip balm in cranberry joy, broken comb (!), keys, pencil case full of meds, water, the body shop japanese cherry body mist, the body shop vitamin e hand cream, bus tickets/receipts, nail file, pencil, notebook, glasses & case, cute tissues (from the lovely kate), ipod, diary

apart from being pretty organised because i've only recently started using this bag, the main thing i've noticed from these photos is that i'm definitely a bit obsessed with the body shop. i didn't realise i had so many of their products, but i would totally recommend any of the things pictured! (and don't even get me started on their vitamin c range-has anyone else tried it?!) 

i think everything else is pretty normal contents wise except perhaps the pencil case, but i literally take it everywhere! i must look like a total pill popper (i'm not).
i bought the purse with some christmas vouchers a few months ago, i'd never heard of label lab before, but i love their stuff, it's all amazing! 
the keep calm notebook was from a set of 4- they are the infamous notebooks i refer to when talking about diys as i have them scattered around everywhere; currently one in this bag, one in my work bag, one on my bedside table & one in my mezzanine.
my ipod is about 5 years old now- i have no idea which gen it is, but i think it was one of the first to have colour haha. i don't know what i'd do without it, i'm kinda hoping it lasts forever.

and i think that's pretty much it! i hope this was vaguely interesting for someone- i haven't read a what's in my bag post in a while actually, so if you've done one then let me know :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

holiday snaps

what i wore- polka dot top:diy, converse, stripey top:not sure! trousers:tu, swimming costume:matalan sunglasses:h&m yellow top:topshop shorts:diy 
*a special mention goes to the straw hat lent to me by j's mum- i don't know how i'd have survived without it!

just a few snippets from our little holiday to sardinia last week; a mix of my diana shots and j's digital. 
we explored some caves, climbed down a waterfall, chased each other into the sea and most importantly, got to spend time with family. 

to say that i'm suffering from slight post-holiday blues would be an understatement!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


i used all my boots points on a denman hairbrush, new shoes, finally got some frames for my laura marling prints, did some freelance styling for a music video, models own beetlejuice nail varnish, knitting for a friend, seriously yummy chocolate, amazing fabric haul, rings i made for friends, freebies from the styling job, purchased my first piece of topshop make up, cozy pj's, studded headband, hand made top (diy coming soon!) new glasses, j bought me tulips <3

i'm so gutted that time has got the better of me the past few weeks; things have been so hectic!
i'm now in sardinia staying with j's family for a week, so things will be very quiet around here. i'm so excited to get away for a bit, working two jobs (and then a third last week) is taking its toll on me so i can't wait to relax. 

my photos are particularly indulgent this time around- blame that on birthday money! it's been so fun having a little retail splurge though, and i got really lucky in some charity shops last week so i've been feeling creative again.

i hope everyone has a good week, and that the weather in england gets better! (i'll send some good sunshine vibes your way <3)