Tuesday, 31 January 2012

diy jewellery frame

i've been so excited to get this diy finished and up on my wall! i saw a similar diy on pinterest using lace to hold earrings and thought that it would work perfectly for all of my necklaces. 

i found these two freaky photos in my local flea market, and the guy seemed so desperate to get rid of them that i got them for a total bargain. i quickly removed the photograph and put the glass and backing board aside (for another project i'm sure!). then all you need is some string/lace/wire to hold all of your jewellery, a hammer and some nails.

once you have your empty frame, you just need to work out how many "lines" of string you want to have and mark the spots on the underside of the frame (find the groove where the glass would have slotted in). a really long thin frame would be great for more lines, but because all of my necklaces are quite long, i stuck to just two. 

now the fiddly bit. hold the frame upright so that you can hammer in the nails to each side of the frame. i've tried to photograph this step the best i can, but like i said before use the groove where the glass would usually slot in to make it easier.

i then tied the string onto each of the nails making sure to pull it really tight. depending on how much jewellery you're putting onto it, it will sink in the middle it there's too much weight. 

and that's it! i then just clipped all of my necklaces and a few bracelets onto each line and hung it up. i used to hate the morning battle of untangling necklaces, and this way i can display all my favourite pieces too. i've almost finished the corner of the bedroom where this has been hung, so when i can i'll post a few more photos to show it off properly.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

vivo volume mascara

okay, so this is a pretty alien post for me. i love make up as much as the next girl, but i've never really thought about doing a review. i love reading beauty posts and think that they're great if you want a bit more info before you buy- which is what i'm hoping this post will do for some people! 

this mascara was one of my little stocking fillers from christmas, along with a few of tesco's other make up pieces (nail varnishes of course). i don't know much about vivo, but since using this mascara i'm definitely looking forward to trying some of their other bits.

now i'm not going to try and get all technical, because i wouldn't know how. all i know is that this mascara went on smoothly, has a nice chunky brush which i find the best for me, and lasted all day with no smudging. i had one of those "wow" moments when i first put it on, because my eyelashes felt stupidly fluttery, they alsmost felt false! the mascara isn't heavy at all, (i hate mascaras like that) though i never wear more than two coats so i couldn't say if that could happen with this one.

the decision to actually blog about this came after wearing the mascara to work one day- i had loads of comments about my eyelashes, and one of my colleagues just kept saying "are you sure they aren't false?" that has to be a good result eh.

and so, onto the photos.


one coat & eyeliner:

two coats, no eyeliner: 

so there we have it, my first blog post on make up other than nail varnish. i'd love to know if anyone else has tried any of the vivo range- are there any other pieces that stand out?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

what i'm reading

a few of the books currently on my reading pile. i've just finished the lovely bones and am now onto when god was a rabbit. i've wanted to read it for so long so i hope it's good! 
i was a bit of a sucker for downton abbey when it was on tv, so mum bought me below stairs for christmas; the history geek in me is going to love it! 
and finally the polaroid book, because lets face it, who doesn't love a book full of pretty pictures! 

just a little side note to say sorry about the lack of posting at the moment. moving, working & a lack of internet makes things pretty difficult, but i'm hoping to be back on track next week. i've got lots of diy's planned and i'm even considering a beauty related post after discovering some pretty awesome mascara. i'm missing reading blogs a lot, but i'm always around on twitter for a chin wag :) 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

nail varnish diy

one day, i hope to have enough space to display all my nail varnishes for the world to see. at the moment however, i keep them all tucked away in this little box. great to lug them around quickly, but a nightmare in terms of finding the colour i want- i almost feel like i'm playing a bizarre version of this game
i wrote the idea for this diy down in one of my little notebooks ages ago, and found it again the other day when i was packing. there are so many ways that you could do this that would look a lot neater than how i've done it, but i was just going with what i had to hand. it's mega easy, and shouldn't take too long depending on how many nail varnishes you own.

so first, you need some sort of stickers- ideally i think circular ones would look best, but i had bog standard rectangular labels. 

i put a dollop of each nail varnish onto the labels, small enough to fit on the lids of each bottle. 

then, it's just a matter of waiting for them to dry, cutting them all out (think how much quicker this would be if i'd had little round stickers!) and sticking them to their matching bottles.

and there you have it. it may seem like a slightly pointless diy, but for me it's one of those "why didn't i do this sooner?!" type tips.

i love being able to actually see the colours i have, and this way i think i'll stop reaching for the same ones and actually use all of my 40 odd (!) nail varnishes.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

not another bill

i've said it before, and i'll say it again- i adore receiving post. nothing beats coming home from work to a letter, a postcard or a little package. not another bill therefore, is my kind of company. i talked about them briefly in this post after j gave me a subscription as a christmas present, and this week i received my january package.
this month, not another bill have teamed up with jewellery designer juliana cassandro who creates absolutely gorgeous pieces. her work has a gorgeous mix of intricacy and simplicity that i personally love in jewellery. 

the necklace i received is amazing. the little charm suits me to a tee (is there anyone that doesn't know about my obsession with love & hearts?!) and the mix of coloured cord with the silver is perfect.
it's such a delicate piece, and i genuinely think i won't be seen without it now- i haven't taken it off since i opened it! 

so far, i absolutely love not another bill. ned, the man behind the magic, seems to be a genuinely lovely guy and you can tell he puts so much effort into every month. a great part of it for me is that i get to find out about new artists that i probably wouldn't find otherwise, and as a fellow creative i think this is incredibly important. 

basically, all rambling aside, i cannot fault not another bill, and i think that everyone should check them out. plus, the concept really works- as soon as i saw the package, i couldn't help smiling. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012


just a few random snaps since i've been on the isle of wight. most of them were taken on my iphone which i ended up with over christmas. long story involving me and phones/technology, but i'm giving it a shot so we'll see how i get on! 

so my time on the isle of wight = stunning views, digging out my memory box and finding my first ever tape cassette (<3), pulling stupid faces with my sister, nail painting, and lots of crocheting. 

if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that i learnt to crochet on new years eve after realising i hadn't ticked it off from my 2011 goals. i then got scarily addicted and have been making this blanket for the last week. i've had to pack up all of my other art/crafts supplies for the big move, which i'm guessing is why the blanket is getting so much attention. i'm desperate to be creative right now! 

i'm not sure if i've even blogged about the fact that i'm moving again? it was all finalised just before christmas, but so many other things were going on that i think it got pushed aside. 
anyway, i have a week and a half left in the flat from hell, and then hopefully will be starting afresh in the new place. i'm trying to get into the new year > new flat > new mindset way of thinking.
once again i'm in limbo, walking around with my fingers crossed :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

six years

here's to another six :)