Saturday, 15 December 2012

diy christmas chocolates

this year j and i wanted to make some homemade foodie christmas presents, and being chocolate fiends, decided on chocolate truffles and popping candy brittle. 
both recipes are super easy- you can find the truffle recipe here and it is brilliant- you could come up with endless flavour combinations for these!

the popping candy brittle was a random experiment but turned out so well- simply melt your chocolate in a bowl over a low heat and once melted, pour onto a baking tray. we then sprinkled over lots of strawberry flavoured popping candy, left it to set in the fridge, and then cut it into chunks. i forgot how fun popping candy is- these chocolates will definitely put a smile on your face :)

i think it's pretty clear how obsessed by packaging i am, so i spent a lot of time thinking about how to present the chocolates. there are so many ways you could do this (my original plan was mason jars) so these are just my own little versions.

for the labels, j made these cute little merry christmas templates, and then we printed them onto sticker paper, cut them out and placed them on the front of the jars. 
the jars themselves are amazingly from poundland and come in a set of 2, so this is another budget friendly project! i wasn't sure if they would be too small, but they've ended up being perfect. 
the finishing touch was to add tags- the same ones i have used for my wrapping paper- and join two jars together with string.

i'm so happy with how these have come out and they've been so fun to put together, i really hope our families like them!


  1. these look adorable, and so professional too!


  2. I am popping candy obsessed so these sound brilliant (: xx

  3. This is brilliant, I think I might make some as gifts! :)
    Frankie xx

  4. You two are so creative, what a great idea!! xx

  5. Your blog is really great! :)


  6. I love this gift idea...and your packaging ideas (tags) !!! Love your blog and the name of your blog... I love visiting here and seeing your beautiful posts........... Stop by The Rusty Pearl when you can .. We would love it !!!!Our blog is new and we are so inspired by blogs like yours ...... God Bless and Merry Christmas !!!!!!

  7. Definitely going to do this. Was going to order some jars online but they might not come in time so I'm going to have to venture out and pick some up! It's great that you two are so creative together :) I'd love to read more posts like this xx

  8. The packaging looks so good Skye! Im pretty sure that recipe is the one I used to make truffles a few Christmases ago, it was so nice and straightforward! xxx

  9. this is gorgeous, such a yummy and personalised present! xx

  10. ohmygosh, this is such a cool idea! i love the cute little jars! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  11. Ah! I think I just found a new favorite blog. I love these. So cute!

  12. Ooh, I love the idea of the popping candy chocolate, sounds so simple but original! May have to put that on my list of things to make for next years prezzies!


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