Sunday, 14 October 2012

the october diy challenge- halloween crackers

for this weeks challenge, erin asked me to make trick or treat sweet bags inspired by all things spooky.
i decided to twist the idea of trick or treat bags with good old crackers! i love crackers at christmas, and thought having halloween themed ones would be a really nice trick or treat prize; i'd love to give these out to kids!

i tried to keep the design of these quite simple and spooky, but there is really no limit to what you come up with, the possibilities literally are endless. 

1. what you need- black & white a4 paper, 3 toilet tubes (per one cracker) doilies and cracker snaps (i bought mine here).
2. wrap the black sheet of paper around a toilet tube and find your centre front point- mark with a pencil and then sketch out your chosen design. 
3. cut out your design remembering to keep any centre pieces- in this case the eyes and teeth.
4. cut a piece of the doily edging to the size of your design, and cut to the same shape. 
5. lay your black paper over the white piece and trace the design onto the white paper. glue your doily piece into place.
6. glue the black paper onto the white piece, and then glue the centre pieces on. 
7. use masking tape to secure your cracker snap in place to one of the toilet tubes.
8. line the toilet tubes up to the edge of your paper, making sure the cracker snap is tucked into the outer tubes. glue the paper edge the width of the centre tube only.
9. wrap the paper around your tubes and glue in place at the end. 
10. tie one end of your cracker- pull the outer toilet tube out slightly so that you can feel for the groove between that and the centre tube. using ribbon/string tie in place until the end is closed and the outer tube is removed.
11. now it's time to add your sweets/prizes; i went for some spooky (& very tasty) sweets and of course some chocolate buttons. i also added some "cobwebs" at each end.
12. tie the other end in place in the same way as step 10, and that's it! i also added a little orange tag with trick or treat on it as a finishing touch.

i gave the cobweb design to j and his brother to test and it went down very well! the cracker snap was brilliant and i think the cobwebs definitely added to the effect. click here to see what erin has made this week :)

next week our challenge is based around baking, and erin and i have decided to challenge each other to create spooky halloween cupcakes! 


  1. I love these! Its such a good idea and I never would have thought of it myself, they look great! :) xx

    1. yay thanks erin, i love a good cracker!! x

  2. These are amazing! May have to make these for the Halloween party I'm going to xx

    1. thank you :) they were super easy, don't forget to tweet a pic if you try them x

  3. what a great idea, I love halloween and all it's spooky goings on! Will give them a go :)

    lets drive far away

    1. thank you- i hope you enjoy making them, they were really fun! x

  4. These are fantastic!!! Great job!! :D


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