Saturday, 29 September 2012


i thought i'd post a little pic of a few things i've made so far at my new job at u-handbag
i'm getting to know all of the kits and frames we sell at the moment, so am spending a lot of time reading through patterns and making up little samples like the two pictured.
the stripey box clutch is so cute, i'm a little gutted i've made it at the end of the summer coz i think it's perfect for summer nights! the fortune cookie purse on the right is amazingly designed, it holds so much more than you think it would and i'm contemplating making some as little make up bags for presents- cute right?!

if you ever want to learn how to make purses/bags or need anything bag making related, i would hands down recommend u-handbag. now obviously that is going to sound totally biased as i work there, but i used to buy so many of the things we sell on ebay thinking i was getting a bargain, when actually, u-handbag are usually cheaper (plus you won't have to wait ages for postage!).

so there we have it, a little insight into my work life at the moment; what do you think? is purse/bag making something you'd like to try?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

crafty creatives box three

i'm a little late in posting about crafty creatives box no.3, so sorry if you've already seen the goodies! the theme this month is oriental, which is an awesome theme, and this box is so beautiful and intricate. 

i'm once again in love with the art card print, and will now be on the hunt for a suitable frame. 

everything in this box is so pretty, and the range of products are perfect for a crafter- i think i'll be using them all in really different ways for different projects!
i especially loved the kit with this box; i learnt book binding for my fmp at uni, and really enjoy all the different methods! this little kit was so much fun and i love the finished notebook- perfect to put in my bag for any spur of the moment ideas :) 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

recent favourites

i've acquired a few new lovely things lately which i thought i'd post about, ranging from pure visual loveliness to amazingly practical goodies.

first up, this little teapot which i bought in a charity shop on the isle of wight a few weeks ago. i love it. love it. it makes me happy just looking at it, the colour is gorgeous! plus it's small enough to justify me using on a regular basis which is a bonus. 

now, whilst this isn't the traditional typewriter i've been searching for, this little guy came in at a whopping £1 from another iow charity shop so it would have been rude to leave him behind! i was even more chuffed when i realised the ribbon is red and almost full, so i now have two perfectly functioning and practical typewriters- expect to see the red ink put to use soon.

onto a slightly more advanced gadget now, this portable iphone charger is a life saver. i was kindly sent this to review, and have to say i'm pretty impressed. whilst this isn't going to give me 100% battery super quickly, it's perfect for the days at work when i'm using my phone more than usual and need a little boost. it's also compatible with my ipod which i discovered on a very long train journey!

i pointed this mirror out at a car boot sale, to which j replied "it's gross i hate it", but after a little bit (read: a lot) of persuasion, i haggled the lady down to £5 and convinced j it was perfect for us. a few weeks down the line and it's now a firm favourite in the flat, and even better, j now loves it (which just goes to show boys shouldn't be in charge of interiors :p)

and finally, a little brooch set that i bought for j- how cute are they?! it's one of his favourite films so when i saw it i had to get it.

phewf, that seems like a long post! i love being able to photograph my little finds and blog about them though, it makes me appreciate why i bought them and why i love them even more :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

crafty creatives makes

now i know that crafty creatives box no.3 has started hitting doormats today, but i wanted to share a few of my makes from box no.2 before they get filed away and forgotten about!

i've always loved the idea of staircase walls being filled with photographs and frames, so this is something j and i are slowly working on.
the three black frames are laura marling prints that came with her last album, the ampersand was a cross stitch experiment and the fabric was a leftover piece that i love. the art card that came with box no.2 is amazing and i picked up the frame for it at a car boot sale a few weeks back- it's such a perfect piece of artwork!

it took me a while to decide what i wanted to do with the bunting, and it was only after looking through my "things to make" inspiration list (yes i have one!) that i thought of combining two projects.
i love blackboards but don't really have the space for a big one, so this is great for a tiny kitchen.

and finally, the idea for the soap dish was inspired by the lovely "the pampered sparrow" and her amazing candle holder, and after accidentally breaking my soap dish last week this seemed like a practical and pretty make :)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

long weekend

jacket: hand-me-down dress:hand-made bag:charity shop

i'm off to the isle of wight to visit my family for a few days, it's long overdue! 
i've been a little absent here lately, but next week i'll be back posting about my new job and a diy that has finally used some of my crafty creatives box 2 goodies.

have a lovely weekend <3

Saturday, 8 September 2012

i am hand-made

so, over the last few weeks i've been making big changes to my little "i am hand-made" shop.
after years of making cards for friends and family, and countless comments about how i should sell them, i've decided to jump in and do it! it took a long time for me to make this decision- card making for me is such a personal thing, and i love them to have a very textured, raw look. the cards are all made using recycled and found materials that i've been collecting, and no two will be the same!

i'd love it if you could take a moment to have a little browse in the shop, (click on the photo) like the facebook page, or follow @_iamhandmade on twitter; i'd love to know what you think :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


life is so busy at the moment, i'm struggling to believe that it really is september already!
my evenings and weekends are now spent hopping between sleep and crafting, and i've got a post all lined up to showcase some of the amazing things i get to make for work.

i've still managed to get a few diy's in here and there, including this braided rug from the incredible blog "a beautiful mess". my version is a lot scrappier, but i managed to recycle so many fabric scraps and old tshirts which is amazing. it's also pixel's new favourite thing!

i also wanted to show off this little cutey- it was a leaving present from the girls at my old job and it's so sweet! a girl can never have too many threads i reckon.

i feel like my life has gone into craft overload at the moment- i am loving it! now i've just got to get my organisational head on so that i can actually post about it all :)

p.s. here's a little pixel snap- though these peaceful moments are harder to come by nowadays; she is loving running around the flat like a looney 24/7!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

diy pattern paper bunting

a little diy project perfect for a lazy afternoon. i used erin's amazing origami bunting tutorial which was super easy and so effective. 
and to anyone worried about the pattern paper used in this tutorial- don't worry! one of the perks of my old job was that at the end of each season the discontinued patterns would be offered to staff before being thrown away. unfortunately, not many people took advantage of this so i ended up hauling tons of patterns home with me before i left. i know i won't make half of the patterns, but i have already come up with loads of different ways to recycle the paper; so much better than it being thrown away!

p.s. my diy jewellery frame has been featured on the company magazine website this week! check it out here, and also check out freya's version of the diy here- such a great way to display postcards :)