Saturday, 14 July 2012

zig zag

i wasn't actually going to post about these because they didn't come out as well as i'd hoped. in theory i think this idea could work really well though- here's to more practice!

all you need is some masking tape and pinking shears (preferably paper suitable ones- sorry fabric shears!) and your two nail varnishes of choice. 

using the pinking shears, cut little strips of masking tape to the size you want your zig zag to be.

paint your base coat, leave to dry and then apply the strips.

paint your second colour over the top and leave to dry.
remove the strips, and apply a top coat.

i thought about using a nail pen to outline the zig zags, but my models own/wah nails pen has gone all gross and gloopy so will have to try that another time.

what do you think? i did get a little bit of a lightning bolt (read: harry potter) vibe from them which is obviously a good thing in my eyes, but i always get frustrated with nail art involving tape/layers/waiting for things to dry- i'm far too impatient! 


  1. i think these came out really well! i might have to try them out. xx

  2. This is a really good idea, they look very cute! xx

  3. These are so cool!! I think they turned out great! d^____^b

    Ironically enough, I've been hit by a lightning bolt bug... details on the blog within a day or so hopefully!

  4. These nails are so cool, I think they look so amazing! I wish I didn't bite my nails, then I could try this out :')

    Pip x

  5. These are really cool :) on my to do list! x

  6. I so wish I'd found this earlier- These are super cute! I can't wait to keep exploring your site!

  7. Great idea - will have to try this :) x


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