Friday, 18 May 2012

what's in my bag

so i hope this isn't too boring for anyone; i know these posts are pretty generic but i still like them! 

as i said in my previous post, j bought me this bag for my birthday and i bloody love it. it's just the right kind of slouchy, is studded, and has the perfect amount of space (i usually have my lunch stuffed in there too). 

from left to right: 
diana mini, label lab purse, inhaler, 17 lipstick in berry silk, the body shop lip balm in cranberry joy, broken comb (!), keys, pencil case full of meds, water, the body shop japanese cherry body mist, the body shop vitamin e hand cream, bus tickets/receipts, nail file, pencil, notebook, glasses & case, cute tissues (from the lovely kate), ipod, diary

apart from being pretty organised because i've only recently started using this bag, the main thing i've noticed from these photos is that i'm definitely a bit obsessed with the body shop. i didn't realise i had so many of their products, but i would totally recommend any of the things pictured! (and don't even get me started on their vitamin c range-has anyone else tried it?!) 

i think everything else is pretty normal contents wise except perhaps the pencil case, but i literally take it everywhere! i must look like a total pill popper (i'm not).
i bought the purse with some christmas vouchers a few months ago, i'd never heard of label lab before, but i love their stuff, it's all amazing! 
the keep calm notebook was from a set of 4- they are the infamous notebooks i refer to when talking about diys as i have them scattered around everywhere; currently one in this bag, one in my work bag, one on my bedside table & one in my mezzanine.
my ipod is about 5 years old now- i have no idea which gen it is, but i think it was one of the first to have colour haha. i don't know what i'd do without it, i'm kinda hoping it lasts forever.

and i think that's pretty much it! i hope this was vaguely interesting for someone- i haven't read a what's in my bag post in a while actually, so if you've done one then let me know :)


  1. Very restrained, I always have LOADS of crap in my bag! I love your diary, and your little ipod case! AND you glasses pouch too!

    obviously I love the bag as well!
    I did a whats in my bag video here:
    but I warn you, I am very serious in it. not used to talking to a small electronic device ;)

    1. haha, thanks! i'm sure in a few weeks it will be full to the brim :)
      i forgot to even mention the cases! the glasses pouch was free with some topshop sunglasses years ago and the ipod case was by ted baker!!
      i loved your video :) xx

  2. I love what's in my bag posts! I'm so nosey haha
    I'm thinking about doing another one of these posts, I've not done one in ages and I want to show off my shiny new bag ;D


    1. haha, i love them too :) i'd love to see yours if you do one! i think they're interesting :) x

  3. Really love your bag :)
    I always forget about The Body Shop! x

    1. thank you :) oh my goodness, you should give them a shot- they always do good promotions so keep an eye out for those :) xx

  4. I find it so interesting looking in to other peoples 'lives'.. i will do one soon i think! Nice blog. Love, VLL @


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