Tuesday, 1 May 2012


i used all my boots points on a denman hairbrush, new shoes, finally got some frames for my laura marling prints, did some freelance styling for a music video, models own beetlejuice nail varnish, knitting for a friend, seriously yummy chocolate, amazing fabric haul, rings i made for friends, freebies from the styling job, purchased my first piece of topshop make up, cozy pj's, studded headband, hand made top (diy coming soon!) new glasses, j bought me tulips <3

i'm so gutted that time has got the better of me the past few weeks; things have been so hectic!
i'm now in sardinia staying with j's family for a week, so things will be very quiet around here. i'm so excited to get away for a bit, working two jobs (and then a third last week) is taking its toll on me so i can't wait to relax. 

my photos are particularly indulgent this time around- blame that on birthday money! it's been so fun having a little retail splurge though, and i got really lucky in some charity shops last week so i've been feeling creative again.

i hope everyone has a good week, and that the weather in england gets better! (i'll send some good sunshine vibes your way <3)


  1. Hope you're having an amazing time on your holiday! xx

  2. please please please bring the sun back with you! Have a lovely time and I hope you come back refreshed and relaxed!

    1. haha, i'll try my best for you :) don't think it's working so far though :( thank you! xx


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