Thursday, 29 March 2012

glitter gal holographic nail varnish

last week, the lovely sam tweeted about her little nail varnish shop asking if anyone would be interested in testing out some of the holographic varnishes. i have had the infamous gosh holographic varnish saved in my ebay wish list for what feels like years now, so i obviously jumped at the chance! 
sam stocks 'glitter gal' nail varnishes which are an australian brand. the fact that sam is u.k. based is awesome, as whenever i did find a holographic nail varnish that i liked, it was always international. 

anyway, onto the nail varnish. sam sent me the silver holo varnish, which i was super happy about as it's the one i've wanted to try for so long. 

i've taken photos coat by coat, and these photos were taken in natural evening light. 
as i was applying it, i actually found myself feeling dubious; i wasn't sure if it was going to look as amazing as i had hoped. however, 4 coats later (3 would have been plenty by the way, but i wanted the full on holo effect!) i was pretty mesmerised by it. it is so pretty. i literally couldn't stop grinning thinking that i finally had the perfect holographic nail varnish...and then i went and sat on the sofa in bright artificial light...

...and it looked like this! i thought these photos came out pretty well, but even they don't capture the full effect. it is honestly amaze. full on 3d holographic effect nail varnish.

i realise that i sound pretty over the top here, but i can't help it. anyone else who has ever lusted after the holographic nail varnish will understand, and i am totally in awe of glitter gal.
sam stocks so many different colours in her shop as well, and the swatches all look amazing. i particularly love the sound of "lizard belly". 

i put the nail varnish on on monday night, and as i have been at work the last few days, i wasn't expecting it to last very well. i usually end up with huge chips no matter what nail varnish i use, but again, glitter gal have outdone themselves. 3 days later and i have 2 pretty small chips- a rarity for me and a big plus for the nail varnish. 

basically, as i'm sure you can tell, i absolutely love this nail varnish. i'm impressed with the quality of it, the look of it, and am intrigued by the other products that glitter gal and sam have to offer. 

sam currently sells just the holographic range of glitter gal varnishes, but priced at just £8.75, i'm sure she is going to do amazingly well with these and be able to expand to offer other ranges. you should definitely head over to her shop and she also blogs here
thank you sam for letting me test the varnish out, it's pretty much made my week and i really bloody love it :) 


  1. I've found myself browsing the website several times over the last week or two, couldn't decide on a colour though!
    Nice to hear such a good review :) x

    1. the colours are all so pretty aren't they :) i'd totally recommend them xx

  2. Thank you for such a lovely review Skye!
    I'm so glad you liked it :) xx

    1. you're welcome sam, thank you for the chance to review it! i love it :) xx

  3. Oh wahoo! That's such a great color! I love how small the sparkles are!

  4. Oooh, I love this polish, very very cool!


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