Thursday, 30 June 2011

thrifty thinking

so i went against my shopping ban again. it's terrible, but i just couldn't resist these little brogues, they were in the mens section but they fit me perfectly, they're so well made and even have little plaques screwed into the bottom to say they were hand made! i love them.

that really is it now, no more lovely things for me! 
it's time to start thinking about furnishing our new flat (yes!! we finally found one & are signing the contracts this week). luckily for me, furnishing a flat is pretty much my idea of heaven. though in an ideal world my budget would be over £200... 
i'm determined to get the best we can for our money, and am going to start scouting car boot sales, charity shops and ebay for some lovely bits and bobs. the new flat is pretty cosy, so i'm going to have to get my thinking cap on to try and come up with lots of little space savers. 
everything is happening so quickly at the moment, but i'm glad to have something to aim towards and a little project to work on, it's so damn exciting. 
oh, and in terms of home-spiration, thank goodness for pinterest!

Monday, 27 June 2011


today i found out that i will be graduating with a 2:1 ba honours degree. 
i cannot explain how much this means to me; the last four years have been chock-a-block with ups and downs. 
so much has changed, and right now all i can think is that this time three years ago, i thought that i might have to drop out of uni because of my health. 
m.e. has been a part of my life for 3 years now, and though i have been improving since i found out about being a coeliac, every day of my life is dependent on my energy levels. 
uni was more of a struggle for me than i think i ever let on, but if anyone with m.e. reads this, or knows of anyone who suffers with m.e., i genuinely believe that it will get better. 
i will never let this illness control my life- it may impact a large part of it, but i will never give up. 

Saturday, 25 June 2011


today i think i finally started to get my creative brain back into gear. 
after my fmp and the end of uni, i felt completely deflated and have found it so hard to pick up my sketchbook/knitting needles/sewing machine. 
i've promised myself that after writing this post i'm going to start another sketchbook- most probably just a visual scrapbook, but just something to keep me busy. 
yesterday, after losing my phone in my bag (again) i suddenly had the urge to get sewing. this was such a welcome feeling that i jumped into my fabric stash and whipped up this lil phone case. i've had the fabric for ages, it was only a sample from an interiors website, but the perfect amount for my phone. i had some really soft fleecing left over from a design project which i used to line it, and then popped on some ribbon and a button to tie it :)

it's just the right size for my phone and is now so much easier to find in my bag. i'm so glad to have my groove back again, hopefully things can only get better. 
(please can this also apply to the flat-hunting gods!)

Monday, 20 June 2011


i've been trying to photograph snippets of my outfits lately, so here are a few from the last week.
not sure why they all centered around my waist, i'll try and branch out if i keep this up!

in other news, i booked tickets to see noah and the whale in october this morning :) 
i am on a strict no-spending budget (minus food & bills obvs.) but have been dying to see them for literally years; the gig is in brighton as well so it's a kind of "welcome to brighton" present for myself. 
flat hunting in brighton starts tomorrow, so wish me luck! 

Saturday, 18 June 2011

10 days since i last posted?
i honestly don't know how that has happened, but i guess life is more of a rollercoaster than i thought at the moment.
the last week has seen 5 viewings on our lil flat, countless tabs open of potential new flats, going through whole packs of bin bags to clear out, the start of j's end of year show, an interview, more job hunting, a gluten incident (one of the worst ones yet), and a new phone. oh- and far too much rain!
just reading that makes me go "phewf" !

i also spent a few hours making what would have been my gfw promotional pieces- i ordered some badges around 3 weeks before the show, only to receive horrible service which resulted in them arriving a week too late.
i decided i may as well go ahead and use them though, they can always act as a secondary business card, and i think they're pretty cute :)

what do you think? would you be happy to be given one of these as a contact card? 
(everyone loves a badge right!)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


these last few weeks have been pretty surreal.
graduate fashion week is now drawing to a close, meaning that my 4 years of uni are officially over.
i switch from feeling like i've been there my whole life, to thinking it's flown by too quickly.
now comes that part of life where i'm thrown into the world (still with no idea what i want might i add) head first, hoping that i land on my feet.

for now though, i've been enjoying the freedom and making the most of any spare time i have. last week, the amazing kate sent me a lovely parcel filled with goodies including this gorgeous owl that she made :) how adorable is she! if you don't read kate's blog then you should, she's fab! 

i've also been catching up on several books that have been sat in a corner since christmas. i've put on my goals for 2011 that i want to read at least 10 books, and am now reading little women which will be no.3. i'm loving it so far- though i always end up thinking of the friends episode where joey reads it. (i have a really bad habit of quoting friends too often in everyday life!) 

i've also been loving... 

straw hats that are perfect for lazy summer days,

reassuring postcards from my mum <3

film nights with candles,

and repeatedly typing out letters to potential employers. so far i haven't mentioned my tea-making skills, but i'm thinking i might have to resort to it pretty soon.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

nails in honour of GFW

with graduate fashion week beginning tomorrow, i thought it only right to jazz up my nails for the occasion.
i'm really nervous/excited/sad that it's finally here, it's all very surreal!

i've seen a few tuxedo nails on nail art blogs & thought they'd be perfect.
they were so fun to do, and with the wah nails/models own pen, it was actually quite easy.

and what would some cute lil tuxedo's be without some happy chaps to fill them :)

i have a feeling that these will become my go-to nail art from now on!