Tuesday, 31 May 2011

snippets of work

here a few collages that i made as part of my final uni project.
i made two trend books, and these were for one of them titled "i am hand-made" based on sewing, knitting, embroidery, collage and basically anything that involves a hands on approach.
the full book & photos can be seen on my website at www.skyepennant.co.uk :)
collages are one of my favourite mediums to work in- i love that they all come out completely unique.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

an even bigger update

SO. after posting about all the changes i'm going through with uni/jobs and my work, i decided to go ahead and transfer my blog from tumblr to blogger.
i love tumblr, but it's just very frustrating not having a proper comment/interactive system, so i'm hoping that this way i will now be able to interact with fellow bloggers a lot better :)
i wasn't able to import all of my posts unfortunately, but they can still be found at www.skyepennant.tumblr.com/

i've also added this blog to bloglovin and google friend connect, and will be slowly adding finishing touches to this blog over the next few days.

wish me luck!

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an update...

a collection of sketchbooks from my time at uni; it’s very surreal seeing them all like this!

this time next week i will be at graduate fashion week to showcase my work, and this will also mark the end of my university life. (until graduation anyway!)
i have been putting my portfolio together over the last few weeks and trying to organise all the work i have done. i am in the process of uploading it all to my website (take a peek at: www.skyepennant.co.uk) and making sure that i am prepared for the job hunt ahead.

my life has never felt so up in the air, but i am trying to make the most of it.
worrying gets you nowhere, and i genuinely believe that things will fall into place.
i am so excited for everything to come!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

a snippet of work from my last project & my first finished cross stitch :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

one of the first things i typed on my lovely new (old) typewriter :)

moulin rouge; one of my favourite films, full of the best quotes <3

Monday, 9 May 2011

april through the diana lens

a few washed out beach shots, and my first attempts with the diana flash- isn’t my cat gorgeous :)

Friday, 6 May 2011

recent finds, part two

so, most people appreciate bank holidays for the extra lie in- for me, it means time for really really good car boot sales. in particular, hook road arena in epsom- i completely recommend it to anyone nearby!

i hadn’t gone looking for anything in particular, but there are always wishlists in the back of my mind (mostly made up of big old furniture that i don’t have room for).

one of these wishlist items was a typewriter… oh, i have wanted one ever since my bright pink childhood toy version, and have been on the hunt for years.
i almost bought one a few weeks ago at an antiques fair, but so glad i waited for this one- it works 100% and best of all, was only £3! que very happy me.

my friend also found me an encyclopedia of knitting which is awesome, and i also found the vogue sewing book, a leather belt, (another) embroidery hoop, some chinos and some clarks patent loafers that i haven’t decided the fate of yet… all in all, an amazing day for thrifty finds!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

recent finds...

i’ve been meaning to post some photos of my latest thrifts, and have now ended up with 2 amazing bundles- the first from my usual charity shop haunts, and the second (to follow!) from an a amazing car boot sale i went to on monday.

apparently my eyes were attracted to prints a few weeks ago, but i love all of these tops for very different reasons!

this one fits amazingly, and just feels so comfortable to wear, i love the colour and obviously the print too, it’s so lovely!

the next two are both pretty similar- they are just fun to me, and being from a little island, growing up by the sea- they are just amazingly relevant! the black and white one had sleeves but they fell very weirdly so i just chopped them off- it’s classic st. michaels from m&s too! the one below has a really nice back button detail too, and again, the print is just so summery, and the writing on the bottom of it reads “summer memories” :)

sometimes i think that i have too many prints in my wardrobe, but when i see things like this i just can’t help myself, they’re so interesting which makes them even more fun to wear!

up next: the car boot sale…