Tuesday, 27 December 2011


coat:asos hat:the north circular scarf:hand-made mittens:fat face shirt:charity shop velvet dress(worn as top):new look shorts:asos tights:f&f boots:h&m bag:charity shop nails:opi mad as a hatter & topshop nail art pen

this is what i wore on christmas eve to visit some famiy and to have dinner with all my favourite people <3
i hope everyone has had an amazing few days; despite j being really poorly, i've loved catching up with family, eating too much and watching all of my favourite christmas films. 
i've been totally spoilt this year, and i'm sure i'll be posting about some of my lovely presents over the next few days (starting with the diary of course!) 


  1. Such a gorgeous outfit Skye, your coat and scarf look perfect, and I'm a sucker for some velvet (: I'm glad you've had a lovely Christmas, family and food time is always the best. xx

  2. A lovely outfit here sweet! Looks perfectly put together, I love your shirt too, been looking for one like it for a while! xx

  3. I love your mittens, so cute!
    I think I need Mad as a Hatter.... x

  4. booo to being ill! I've been ill too, having to squirt steroids in your eyes every 2 hours isnt nice! Sounds like you had a nice Christmas apart from J being ill! x

  5. Lovely outfit, the tights are such a gorgeous colour :) Glad you had a lovely Xmas x

  6. Great outfit really love the coat :)
    Your nails look great as well such a pretty colour! Glad You had a good Christmas xx


  7. You nails look so cool, the little snowflake is so cute! Hope you had a good Christmas :)

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  8. Lovely outfit and especially the little snowflake details on your nails! I'm really enjoying your blog (such a cute blog name!!). Following you on bloglovin - cant wait to see what you have in store for the new year :)

    Happy holidays <3

  9. michelle: thank you :) i love wrapping up in coats and scarves and gloves...etc! i hope you had a lovely time too- food & family make everything better! x

    sheri: thanks so much lovely :) charity shops are the best place- the mens section is always full of shirts like this! x

    erin:awh thanks :) they're my favourite! oh, i know, it's my fave glitter polish ever i think!! x

    belle du brighton: awh i'm sorry you're ill too! really hope you're feeling better and that it didn't spoil your christmas too much x

    celia: thank you- they're such a good christmas colour! hope you had a lovely time too x

    bethan: :) thank you! i love the colour, i'd totally recommend it coz it's so pretty & glittery! x

    grace: thanks! the nail art pen is my new best friend haha! thank you, hope you had a good time too x

    tiny dancer: thank you so much :D i've got lots planned so i hope you like it all! merry christmas! x

  10. Merry Christmas to you too- just found your blog love the Amelie quote :) and absolutely adore this outfit xxx

    http://atraintowardsparis.blogspot.com/ just starting out but feel free to have a look if youve got time :)

  11. Love your nails :) So festive! I need to get a nail art pen from topshop! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  12. In love with you glittery nails! the snowflake is such a cute touch...love your blogs!


  13. Love your outfits and the nails are adorable! Now following! xoxo



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