Thursday, 22 December 2011


another selection of snippets from the last few days.
i made this scarf last year from an old jumper- definitely one of the most satisfying projects i've ever done! i also dug out the checked blazer from the depths of my wardrobe; i bought it from a charity shop in epsom years ago and i love it to bits.
yesterday j and i exchanged our christmas pressies- we have work today/tomorrow and wouldn't have been able to take them back to the isle of wight. he bought me these boots, a gorgeous knitted jumper and this diary that is so beautiful that i can't stop looking at it. it will have a blog post all of it's own to admire it's amazingness. i kid not.
he also gave me a subscription to not another bill. it's a genius idea- similar i suppose to all the beauty boxes flying around the blogosphere, but far more my cup of tea. they have collaborations with artists to create awesome pieces like this and also collect second hand treasures that are then sent to you every month. thank you j <3
the fairy light nails were a spur of the moment thing- i probably should have spent more time on them. although saying that, the little "bling" lights have already fallen off so i'll probably do some new ones tonight!

i cannot explain how much i'm looking forward to going home tomorrow. i've never wanted to be with my family more. i'm trying not to let myself dwell on any sadness, and just remember that life goes on, and i want to be happy as much as i can. thank you to everyone that left me a comment on my previous post, i really appreciate every word that you all said.

i'm looking forward to seeing all the christmassy blog posts over the next week- i hope you all have an amazing time :)


  1. Firstly I adore your blazer so much, the diary looks so lovely and of course I have nail envy again. I was looking at the Not Another Bill sight a few weeks back, it's such a great idea, so tempting.
    Hope you have an lovely time at home over Christmas xx

  2. I agree with Erin's comment your blazer is SO lovely!!! I love the whole look =D xoxo

  3. Love all of these pictures, the journal is gorgeous, and you deserve it and all of the other gifts. I realise that you probably don't want or need consoling from an absolute stranger but I hope you feel better soon.

    Pip x

  4. erin: hehe, i absolutely adore your comments :D thanks!! it's such a cute idea isn't it, so clever- i wish i had thought of it! thank you sweet, i hope you have a wonderful time too x

    cassandra: thank you so much :) i really should wear it more often! x

    pip: wow, thank you so much- i really appreciate it! that's so sweet, and it is actually really comforting to here it- so thank you x

  5. Your scarf is amazing and I love your nails! I signed up to Not Another Bill last month too, hopefully we'll be sent some amazing things :) Im so sorry to hear about your Grandma, sending love and thoughts to you and your family <3 xo

  6. Wow that's an amazing present to get (the Not Another Bill one). It's unique and pretty freaking cool. Hehe, and I'm in love with your blazer :) Have a good Christmas!

  7. I really hope that you have a lovely Christmas, and can look forward to the new year, despite the hard things you've gone through recently. Having that amazing present to look forward to, it will definitely make it a good one! x

  8. Loving your nails a lot & Not another bill sounds like an amazing concept! I hope you have a lovely Christmas sweetheart <3 xoxo

  9. nice nails as always!!! lovely blog!

  10. Love the boots!where r they from?xxx


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