Thursday, 1 December 2011


a few snaps from the last few days.
i picked up this little treasure yesterday- the perfect size for all my filing; i knit this lattice cable headband to put up in the shop; whilst also knitting baby mittens for j's niece; more christmas diy-ing, including stamped tags threaded with pretty ribbon (and the essential peppermint tea on stand-by!)

p.s. thank you all for your lovely comments on my "100" post :) i do reply to them all but know it would be a bit of a faff to check back!


  1. Ahh little baby mittens! I wish I could knit, I want to make some mittens on a string for my boy :) x

  2. I'm not a big Christmas fan but you're stamps in the last photo have me a little excited, they're so cute! x

  3. Ohh that bag looks lush! Gorgeous picks sweet, I love all this festive blogging :) xx

  4. I wish I could learn how to knit! <3

  5. celia: awh that would be really cute! i'm hoping to make a string for these :) x

    erin: i can't believe you're not a christmas person!! but glad i've made you a bit more excited :) x

    sheri:thank you :) me too, the festive season is my fave! x

    laura: you definitely could!! so many people say it to me, sometimes i wonder if i should do youtube vids! x

  6. i love that orange bag, very classic!



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