Tuesday, 6 December 2011

diy christmas decorations

after almost a week of waiting for the clay to dry (oh the joys of living in a damp flat) here are my diy christmas decorations!

now in all honesty, this has been a ridiculously stressful diy. the only cookie cutters i have are heart shaped, so i had to improvise with the baubles and candy cane- hence the extremely misshapen ones. i loved the idea of stamping into the clay, but only remembered this when they'd already begun to dry so only a few worked out. i then lost a few when varnishing, as they weren't quite dry enough the first time around, and halfway through painting these i decided i hated them and wasn't even going to post about them.

however, with their christmassy ribbon attached, and after not looking at them for a few days, i actually really like how they've turned out. yes they're wonky and maybe a bit too rough to be delicate, but i think that the colours work well together and i hope that they evoke a little festive spirit in everyone.

i can't wait to see what these look like on a tree, but due to living in a teeny tiny flat from hell, we've decided not to put our little christmas tree up this year. this is like torture for me, but when i go home to my mums for christmas, i will make sure to take photos of these in all their glory.

to sum up: don't be put off by my rambling experience- i found the recipe here and it was incredibly easy to make up. i had so much fun thinking up ideas, i just had a few too many technical glitches! they're a great idea for hand-made decorations, and i also had a bit of clay leftover to make a little something else-i'll be posting about that soon :)


  1. Oh they're gorgeous!! I love them. If I had baking soda and cornstarch I'd go and make some now! x

  2. these are amazing! I've been making decorations out of salt dough, but they keep rising in the bloody cooker! So now i'm having to find places for them to dry out, but I love the way you've decorated yours. I don't really have any paints (oooh, nail varnish maybe?) so i've been pricking patterns in them with a toothpick! I'll post about them soon! x

  3. i made salt dough hearts yesterday!! So much fun but torture waiting for them to dry. They will look sooo nice on the tree :) marnie xx

  4. n'awwww, you used some of the ribbon i sent on your pressies :) :) this makes me happy! they are uber cute, i love them! clever skye! xxx

  5. erin: thank you :) hope yours have gone okay! x

    belle du brighton: ooh cool, i can't wait to see them :) thank you!! i just used pens and nail varnish, they work wonders! x

    marnie j: ooh, how did they come out? i know it's horrible waiting! x

    kate: haha, can't believe you noticed :) it's so cute!! thank you sweet x

  6. SO CUTE. oh my gosh!

    great blog, girl!

    love, rach.

  7. wow! such a great idea. i think i should try something like this next year - too many exams at the moment, so unfortunately no time.

    xx Nina

  8. rach: thanks so much :) x

    mia: thank you :) glad you like them!! x

    nina: thank you, definitely try it one day! ahh that sucks you have lots of exams, hope you get some time off soon, and good luck! xx

  9. thanks :-)
    definetly will try it!

  10. These are seriously gorgeous. Why is it that every DIY christmas decoration I make fails hard? Thats why I leave it all up to my sister. I'll be pointing out this blog to her so she can get a few ideas..

    New follower :)

  11. These are beautiful. I'm on a very tight budget this year and was worried I'd have to choose between a tree and things to put on it. This has completely solved the problem, and sounds like a lovely way to spend a few afternoons! Thankyou! I'll be checking back for more craft projects!


  12. hannah: ahh thank you!! seriously these were v.easy! you & your sister should make them together :) x

    katie: oh i'm so pleased! i hope they turn out well and you enjoy making them, they were a lot of fun!! x


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