Tuesday, 13 December 2011

december 13th

this is actually what i wore on saturday to spend the day wandering round the laines.
it's j's birthday today, so i surprised him by getting his friends down and showing them the sights of brighton. considering it was a saturday, i didn't think it was too busy (although snoopers paradise was a little like being packed into a sardine tin) and it's awesome getting lost around the laines.

in one of the many little corners in snoopers paradise, there are lots of little boxes filled with postcards, and i have a rummage every single time. i always wanted to find one from somewhere i knew, or somewhere special- and it was my lucky day! the first postcard i picked up was this one; carisbrooke castle on the isle of wight, seriously one beautiful place. i was so bloomin' happy and i'm going to give it to my mum as i know she'll love it just as much.

i then found this book of fairy tales with stories from hans christian andersen, the grimm brothers and the arabian nights. basically my dream come true in book form! anyone who knows me knows how much i love a good fairy tale, and i've actually been searching for an old edition of the anderson fairy tales for ages.

all in all, a pretty awesome day :)

i'm now waiting for j's birthday cake to cool down so that i can ice it, and then i have to attempt to cook dinner (seriously one terrifying thought for me!) wish me luck...


  1. The postcard is beautiful, reminds me that I must make another trip to Brighton sometime, it's been a few years!
    Inviting his friends to visit is such a lovely idea & good luck with whatever it is you're cooking for dinner... would love to see the birthday cake :) x

  2. Your outfit is so cute! And the book is absolutely beautiful.

    Hope cake and dinner were delicious~ *^_^*

  3. good luck! and that is such a pretty braid! :)



  4. your outfit is adorable! and i love finding old postcards (i have far too many) and gorgeous old books in vintage shops as well :) X

  5. This outfit is so lovely, and you are adorable! I love your boots, especially the colour.x

  6. erin: ooh, you should definitely come & visit :) we'll have to arrange something next year for sure! thank you, it went pretty well! i'll post a pic of the cake at some point! x

    knitted fox: thank you so much! glad you like the book too, i love it! x

    morgan: thank you :) dinner went well yay! and thanks about the plait, it keeps my hair in one place hehe x

    hannah: oh, thank you so much!:) it's very girly for me, but i like it! me too, one of my favourite things to do x

    kfedland: awh thanks so much :D glad you like it. the boots are so comfy!! x

  7. your fishtail is so neat! my hair is all different lengths and it looks messy! messy in a not good way, not in a 'its meant to look like this' way!
    I went round snoopers on thursday, it was quiet! I posted about it here!

  8. those finds are quite wonderful!

  9. belle du brighton: thanks! this was after about 5 minutes of me doing it- trust me, after half an hour it just falls out haha. read your post :) love reading about fellow brighton-ers adventures! x

    binia: thank you! x


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