Tuesday, 20 December 2011

20th december

sometimes i wonder if writing on the internet can become a bit too personal. 
i want to document my life, and i love that i have this blog to do that, but i wonder when too much becomes too much. if that makes any sense. 
my family lost our grandma on sunday. and i kind of don't know what to do.
we've lost so much this year; i feel exhausted.  

i've just re-read that and i don't want to sound so melodramatic, but like i said, i just needed to write it.
i hope it doesn't bother anyone to read it because the last thing i want to do is dampen any festive spirit. 
i have lots and lots of things to post about, but i just need some time. 

this is just to say that we will miss you, and we love you.


  1. Don't worry about us. I'm truly sorry for your loss. Prayers are with you.

    xoxo, Allie

  2. Really sorry to hear about your loss, especially this close to christmas :( - you dont sound melodramatic either :) Life isn't always as lovely as the blogging world makes out to be is it, I think its a good thing that you can get some kind of release through your blog - hope you're okay, hopefully things will get a little bit easier very soon :)

    Lucy xx

  3. Really sorry to hear about this Skye, especially so close to Christmas :(
    I really hope next year is a much better one for you xx

  4. I feel the same way actually when it comes to put personal stuff on my blog... But I think that when it comes to situation like yours, it is always appropriate to share it with anybody even if it is with stranger. people are not as bad as we think and those who are juste want to have attention... Sorry for your loss and I wish a happy christmas to you and your family

    You Know You Love Fashion
    Virginie Savage

  5. So sorry to hear about your loss Skye, all my love to you and your family ♥ I don't really know what else to say, I had no words when I lost my Grandad earlier in the year either. Thinking of you sweety. xxxxxx

  6. I love you lots and I'm always ever a phone call away. Thinking of you xxx


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