Saturday, 5 November 2011


dress:camden market top(underneath):h&m tights:gift from mum boots:new look coat:asos

i literally just finished taking these photos of what i was planning to wear to the fireworks tonight and my fireworks buddy has text and cancelled. annoying!

ahwell. i'm gonna float around the flat in this beautiful dress for a while and then admit defeat and hop back into pj's. mum bought it for me on that trip to camden and whilst i know that there are a million different animal print style pieces out there, this is definitely my fave. 
the tights are another pressie from mum. i'm most likely to be seen in dark & neutral colours, but every now and then i just have to have something ridiculously bright- enter perfectly autumnal mustard tights :)

and finally, a sneak peek of my new winter coat from asos. i'm particularly fussy with coats, my main issue being that all the ones i love never seem to have hoods- what is with that?! i adore hoods, and since moving to brighton i have vowed never to risk using an umbrella again- they're just too lethal in coastal winds!
anyway, this coat was part of asos's 50% off winter warmers deal that they had running on their facebook page. i've been hunting for months for the perfect coat in charity shops, and whilst i'm not admitting defeat just yet, this coat is definitely a good substitute. am i the only fusspot when it comes to coats?! 

i have some exciting news to share soon, and i'm also trying to fit in making new pieces for the shop- if you follow me on twitter you may have seen some little snippets :)


  1. I'm loving the look of this new coat! It always takes me ages to choose coats as I'm really not a fan of wearing them. Luckily I'm not near the coast so I've opted for one without a hood this year and will be investing in a new umbrella :)
    I tweeted you about phone case sizes before I saw this post, so I won't repeat what I said here haha. Can't wait to see them though! x

  2. Love the tights, wish i could pull off bright tights like you!

  3. That animal print is super cute. The colors are beautiful.

  4. elise: thanks! it's definitely a winner, i feel prepared for the cold now :) that's fair enough, there are so many gorgeous & hoodless coats out there! x

    zoe: thank you so much :) glad you think i pull them off! x

    knitted fox: thanks, glad you agree! i really love it :) x

  5. oh im definitely buying tights like those!!

  6. i'm sooo in love with your look! and love your nail tutorials!!

  7. I love the tights, so pretty :) Your coat looks great too xx

  8. joan: glad you like them! the colour is fab x

    mary: thank you so much :D so glad you like them!! x

    bethan: thank you- they're a gorgeous colour!! x


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