Sunday, 20 November 2011


to my beautiful simba, 
thank you for the most amazing 10 years.
thank you for keeping my toes warm, and sending me to sleep with your snoring. 
thank you for making me laugh, for the cuddles and kisses, and for always making me feel better.
thank you for being a part of our family, you were our little brother, and we won't be the same without you. 

i will love you forever x


  1. *big hugs through the internets*

  2. upsetting, stay strong and remember the good times <3

  3. aw, so sorry sweet! i got a mug with a picture of my little cat on after he passed, the first one i ever took of him when he was born. drinking from it now even! hope you're okay xo

  4. So so sorry to hear this! I dont even know how ill feel when this happens to me, my cat has been with for such a long time! hope youre okay lovely.

  5. These are beautiful photographs, some lovely memories.
    Sorry again to hear about Simba :( x


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