Thursday, 10 November 2011

christmas crafting

these cards are based on this amazing idea by my lovely friend sam over at polka dot dreams. her tutorial is really good & her luggage tags look awesome. i'll pretend i was going for a more child-like look with my trees- j actually commented that a child could have done better, but hey ho. plus, as sam pointed out- who doesn't need an excuse to eat some chocolate for materials sake!

i've also been working on some christmas ideas for the shop. this is the first one, and i'm actually really chuffed with how it looks- i think it would look perfect hanging on a tree or over a fireplace at christmas :)


  1. that christmas cross stitch is AMAZING! xx

  2. I love little handmade cards like that, Im doing my own wrapping paper and I'm not sure what else! I love that cross stitch its gorgeous,I have so much material and ribbons and things for you!! x

  3. these are adorable! i might have to make my own take on these! :)

  4. So cute, love the Christmas cross stitch :) x

  5. zoe: thanks!! x

    sophie: thank you so much :) i'm hopefully putting them up in the shop next week x

    kate: me too :) hand-made wins every time!! awh really? you're too kind :) x

    stefanie: thanks so much! definitely check out sam's version, they're awesome x

    elise: thank you :) gonna make a couple more to go with it! x

  6. The cards are amazing, I might have to steal your idea and make some myself! I like that your trees are shaped as they are, it makes them all the more personal!

    You've definitely inspired me to get my craft on this Christmas ;) xx

  7. ooo these looks great :) did you use the foil from the sweets?

    Thanks for the little mention of my festive tutorial - I have another couple planned for very soon!!


  8. Ohh Thanks for sharing this, I've seen a couple blog posts about crafting for xmas! I might need to get crafty this xmas & save those pennies instead! xx

  9. lauren: thank you :) they're definitely worth making, easy peasy & much more personal! x

    sam: glad you like them! yep- peppermint cream wrappers :) ooh that's exciting, look forward to them! x

    sheri: it's definitely a good idea! once you get into it it's really fun as well :)x


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