Tuesday, 15 November 2011


i'm going home to the isle of wight for a few days.
if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that my cat simba has gone missing. i need to be there to try and find him, and i need to be with my mum. 
i know there are people out there who probably think it's a bit extreme- if you do, then i'm guessing you've never had a pet. 
he's my best lil buddy, and i need him to come home and keep my feet warm over christmas.

in other news, i've added the new christmas cross stitches to the shop. any orders placed in the next few days will be sent out as soon as i get back.

and another thank you to the lovely michelle for doing the most amazing post on "i am hand-made" over on her blog. easily one of the sweetest girls i've met through blogging, everyone should read her blog :)


  1. I don't think it's extreme at all, I know if anything happened to Sawyer I'd feel the same way. I really really hope you find him, got my fingers crossed for you! x

  2. Fingers crossed that you find him sweetie, I'd be heartbroken if Archie went missing too :/ <3

  3. such a cute hat.

    I know how you feel, i've had cats go missing before countless times. Very often they turn up on their own after a few days or even a couple of weeks so try not to worry too much lovely. Hopefully he's fine and he'll be home soon!


  4. Definitely not extreme, pets are so important, I would have the same reaction if I was in your position. I hope you find him, I am sure he shall return probably doesn't realise your worried xxx

  5. elise, michelle, zoe & bethan: thank you so much, i have everything crossed too. i'm just going to keep on looking as much as i can, thank you for all your kind words x
    p.s. zoe, thank you about the hat- it's another knit of mine :)

  6. Hey, I hope he comes home soon! /comforts


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