Saturday, 15 October 2011

thought i'd give the gradient style nails a go, i really love how they've come out!
the black glitter nail varnish was from the body shop earlier this year, and the teal blue is from a stall on camden market. i usually forget to say where my nail varnishes are from, but if you want to know just leave a comment and i'll let you know!
i think i'm gonna try this with orange & black next week to get into the halloween spirit- i love all the amazing nail art that pops up around different occasions. if you're ever lacking inspiration, there are tons of places to look; i'm sure everyone knows about them, but one of my favourites is


  1. Love your nails !
    You should do a tutorial :)
    New Follower

  2. these are amazing, they really came out well! can't wait to see your halloween ones :)

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock.

  3. Wow they are so pretty!
    Definitely rating a tutorial on these?

  4. launa, beth & zoe: thank you :) glad you like them! i might try and do the halloween ones as a tutorial next week x

  5. i love this nail look, i have to try it :) x

  6. You already know I love these! I think the halloween style ones are a great idea too x


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