Thursday, 6 October 2011

sawyer & scout

one of my favourite things about blogging/the internet is stumbling across other creatives and their work. elise has both an amazing blog and an online shop filled with beautiful jewellery, and as soon as i spied her deathly hallows inspired necklace, i knew i had to have it! 
she always leaves me lovely comments, and as far as her shop goes- my order arrived in two days, cutely packaged and with a hand written note (the best kind!) the necklace is so well made, and the blue heart bracelet is perfect- it even fits my tiny wrists which is an achievement in itself! 
if you haven't visited elise's blog or shop yet, please go and have a nosey!! you won't be disappointed :)

p.s. i've had a huge increase in readers over the last few days, which i think is down to the lovely michelle talking about the hogwarts crest that i sent her. so hello to all you lovely new people, and i hope you'll stick around :)


  1. So gorgeous, love the necklace! you're blog's lovely chick :) x

  2. you have a great blog :) i love the jewellery! im a new follower :) xx

  3. lily: thank you so much :) the necklace is great isn't it! x

    essie: thank you!! i really appreciate that :) x

  4. I adore Elise's shop (: Definitely going to have a sneaky shop in there after this no-spend weekend of mine! D'aw thanks for the mention Skye, I'm sure it wasn't all down to me though, your blog is lovely, one of my faves. xxxx

  5. Aww Skye thank you so much for all the lovely things you've said!
    So glad the bracelet fits, I have tiny wrists too so I understand the problem haha. & I always leave you nice comments because I really do love your blog :) x

  6. michelle: i don't blame you, she has so many lovely things! thank you so much- you have no idea how much i appreciate that :) xx

    elise: no worries lovely- it's all true :) ahh i'm glad i'm not the only one with the wrist issue- you've got a good thing going with those bracelets :) thankyou again, and excited to see your new hp necklace! xx


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