Tuesday, 4 October 2011

i am hand-made

i'm really excited to be writing this post, it finally feels like my little shop ideas are coming together, and i'm hoping to launch it very soon :)
i've decided to name the shop "i am hand-made" after my last ever uni project. it is still one of my favourite projects, and one that i feel reflects me the best.

for now, i will only be selling cross stitches, but eventually i'm hoping to have knitwear accessories and cards/prints. as i said before, i'm totally open to custom orders- just pop me an email and i can start drawing designs up.
for now, here are a few more designs that i've been working on... let me know what you think!


  1. Love love love the name, it's really simple but it tells people exactly what you're shop is about. Hogwarts crest...so cute! I love all of these designs.
    Once you're shop is set up I'll definitely be popping a link to it on my blog x

  2. They are ADORABLE! I love the coffee one.and the phone one.ALL of them!! Your so clever,do you just draw them on the material and then stitch the picture? I love the name too,that'll look so nice on the tags and labels,its fitting since they will all be handmade.
    So proud of how well you've done planning it all and so happy its all coming together now :) You know where I am if you need any help :) xx

  3. These are fantastic, well done - love seeing other people's creations. Love it. x

  4. These are adorable! Love how a bit of harry potter is slipped in there

  5. elise: i'm so glad you like the name :) thank you for all your lovely comments :) you'll have to show me how to put a link to your shop on here too! x

    kate: thank you so much lovely :) i'm glad you like them!! i draw up charts first so i can work out all the stitches :) i'll have to send you a pic of all the labels, i love them! x

    temporary:secretary: thank you so much :D so happy that you like them!x

    jodie: thankyou! hehe, i couldn't help it, everyone loves a bit of harry potter! x

  6. i think these are all very cute! i cannot wait to see what else you will come up with. :)

    p.s. my favorite is the hogwarts one. ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  7. please set up your shop quickly, i love these they are gorgeous!! xx

  8. I love the name!! And these are really cute, especially the camera and that magical H of course ;)

  9. These are soo cute, I've never managed to finish a cross-stitch so I applaud your patience! xx

  10. mimi: thank you :) i'm working on new designs all the time! x

    shell: thank you so so much!! i'm putting the shop live in a few days- i'll blog when i do x

    nina: yay for harry potter! it seems to be everyone's favourite :) x

    hayley: thank you :) ireally appreciate it x

    sophie: hehe thank you! it can get tedious but i love the feeling when they're finished x


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