Friday, 21 October 2011

halloween nails

so, it's now just over a week until halloween and i'm feeling pretty seasonal! i have hocus pocus and the nightmare before christmas ready to put on at any time, and i can't wait for some toasted pumpkin seeds- yum!

i mentioned trying some gradient style halloween themed nails, and have done a step-by-step below. i really hope it makes sense; with nail art i usually just make it up on the spot!
please let me know if you try these, i'd love to see how they turn out if you do :)

what i used:
natural collection base coat
rimmel tangerine queen
the body shop starry night
burts bees lip balm (i couldn't find my vaseline, but this worked just as well)
a small piece of sponge

first, apply your base coat and colour as normal.

next, using your finger or a cotton bud, rub vaseline on the skin around your nails. the sponge can create quite a bit of mess, and putting vaseline on first means that you should be able to wipe of any excess nail varnish pretty easily. 

place a few drops of your chosen nail varnish onto a scrap of paper, and dab the sponge in.

i try to start off quite lightly, and then build it up with a few coats. i also try to keep it darker at the tips with a few more "scattered" drops towards the middle of the nail.

once you've done a few coats your fingers will probably look like this- a mess! but hopefully if the vaseline worked, you should be able to wipe the excess off with a cotton bud.

a little bit of cleaning, and voila! spooky and easy halloween nails. 

p.s. thank you to everyone who commented about noah and the whale- they were bloomin' amazing! 


  1. I would give this a go right now if I owned an orange polish! I have the same Body Shop one which I love, even though its a pain to remove! x

  2. I gave a similar tutorial a go last night and it went so wrong! haha

    Love this look, perfect for halloween.

  3. elise: let me know if you try it :) it's really fun! i love it too, but you're right it's a nightmare! not so bad if it's sponged on though! x

    zoe: ah that's a shame- you'll have to give it another go!! :) thank you x

  4. Wow! I absolutely love your nails :D

  5. They are awesome! OMG, I watch Hocus Pocus every year at this time, we are defo soul sisters skye!! xxx

  6. Wow what a cool way to do your nails, wish I had the patience to try!x

  7. Great nails! Love that orange color.

  8. bee: yay! thank you :D x

    kate: thanks lovely! ohhh, we so are!! i actually just watched it again, oops! x

    monday receptionist: thanks so much :) it really didn't take too long, that's the advantage of using a sponge! x

    m.m.e: thank you! :) x

  9. going to try it wish me good luck


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