Wednesday, 26 October 2011

halloween nails #2

another little step-by-step for some glittery cobweb nails, i got loads of comments on these at work!

what i used: e.l.f nail varnish in glitter glam, models own/wah nails pen in black & natural collection base coat. 


i've been away for a few days looking after a friends flat & cat. it was so nice having a cat around again, even if she did moult like crazy. 
i came home to find that i now have over 70 readers which is just amaze. i can't quite get my head around the idea that so many people read this blog, but i'm so chuffed :) 
to celebrate, and to say thank you for all your lovely comments, i've taken 10% off of everything in the shop for the next few days, so take a peek! 


  1. Spider web nails are something I've not seen done before, I love them so much!
    Sorry I haven't placed a shop order yet, I can't decide which one I want the most! x

  2. So impressive! Id attempt these but i know they wont come out as good! Love the elf glitter polish!

  3. So, I'm supposed to be doing Uni work right now, but these are the best Halloween nails I've ever seen, ever! Think I shall finally invest in a nail art pen and whack these on over the weekend (: Hope you're doing well Skye! xx

  4. elise: me too, i couldn't find any anywhere! glad you like them :) awh don't be silly :) i need to get on with some new ones x

    zoe: thanks so much :) they're a bit wobbly, but they were really fun to do. it's a gorgeous nail varnish x

    michelle: love this comment :) sorry to distract you from the perils of 3rd year, but glad you like the nails ! let me know if you try them, hope you're good too lovely x

  5. Wowww they look great! My nails are too short for something like this :/

  6. wow, they are awesome! I love all of your art nails. they are brilliant. I will try create some ideas with my nails :D...I am your newest follower!

    Please check in and say hi

    also hope to follow me back too..
    much loves, Sacha

  7. Gorgeous and unique nail design! im really going to try this out!


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