Monday, 31 October 2011

all hallows eve

cardigan:charity shop top:matalan jeans:(ancient)topshop shoes:deena&ozzy rings&locket:gifts deathly hallows necklace:sawyer&scout

just a simple little pumpkin for my last halloween nails of the year; i looked everywhere for a pumpkin yesterday and they'd sold out, boo. 

the cardigan is the one i posted about in my last post. i've shrunk it in the washing machine twice now, and i don't think it's getting any smaller- it was humungous before but i really love the fit now. 
and the shoes...i love them. i never say that about shoes with heels. ever. but these are seriously comfortable. as in, i wasn't even aware of that fact that i was a few inches taller for most of the day. that is a bloomin' miracle i can tell you. 

as a halloween treat, everything in the shop is now only £6! 
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  1. Gorgeous shoes, and very cute nail!x

  2. The pumpkin nail is too cute, I tried to get a pumpkin today (bit late) and couldn't find one anywhere either :( x

  3. i love how understated the one pumpkin on your nail is, so cute! x

  4. How cute! The shoes and cardi look great together on you. ^_^

    Sent you a twitter friend request~ i'm @knittedfox

    Have a great Monday!!

  5. aw you look snug as a bug in your cardie and booties, i love a nice warm pair of winter boots, i love the colour of yours, and the sooo cute tiny nail pumpkin! xxx

  6. I love the cardigan, it looks really great. Your nails pretty awesome too :) x

  7. monday receptionist: thanks!! :) x

    elise: i know i can't believe that, i was so hoping to get one for this evening! x

    essie: thank you :) glad you like it! x

    knittedfox: thank you so much :D have accepted on twitter and following back too x

    kate: haha i love that expression! :) i really was as well. me too, the colour is yum! x

    bethan: thank you so much :) i'm glad it didn't shrink to a kids size! x

  8. That cardigan is dreamy! I love your hair toooo. Love your blog O_O xxx

  9. tilly: it is so cozy! awh thank you so much :) x

  10. Mm, these shoes are gorgeous! I love your Deathly Hallows necklace as well ;D

    Saraah ^.^

  11. awesome outfit my dear!


  12. you are a talented girl! i LOVE all the DIY crafts and loved your photos. new follower, and hope to visit again for more inspirations. kudos!
    jasmine :)

  13. Vous êtes très jolie, Bonne idée pour un poste, et vos choix Gilet Jeans en écho de votre journée à l'usure garde-robe!


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