Thursday, 1 September 2011

september 1st

top:charity shop belt:no idea! jeans:topshop nail varnish:e.l.f desert haze 

i posted about this top back in my tumblr days, and still love it to bits. 
i think i put it on today as a slight protest to september and all this talk of autumn. don't get me wrong- autumn/winter are probably my favourite seasons, but somehow it just feels a bit too soon. 

i know i mentioned that i've nearly finished a new cross stitch design- i'll hopefully be posting about it on monday. but in the mean time, i'd love some feedback on what kind of designs people want to see? would you prefer custom orders? please let me know, i can't wait to get my shop going properly :)


  1. This top is so cute!
    I think custom orders would be a lovely idea, I'm actually planning on adding that to some of the items I've got planned for my shop, personalised items just make lovely gifts. Excited to see your shop! x

  2. wow, i love your hair! and that dress is beaut:)
    xo Elly @

  3. thanks jess :) x

    elise: glad you agree! i definitely think it makes things more special :) can't wait to see your new bits!

    thanks elly!

  4. I love your hair, it looks so nice like that :) xx
    Sirens and Bells

  5. I love your style! And your hair (tutorial please ;))I just so happened to stumble across your blog and I am very happy that I did ;)
    want to follow each other?


  6. katy: thank you :) it keeps it out of my way! x

    bree: thank you so much! glad you like it :)x


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