Monday, 5 September 2011


here they are! my first two cross stitch designs for my future shop. 
the designs are ridiculously biased towards my loves in life, but obviously i will be making tons more of a wider variety :) 
i want to be able to sell these to people as customised as they want- from the colour of the thread, to sending me over images that can be translated into cross stitch. 

i also want to create double sided hangings, (two is always better than one!) and i've got lots of thrifted and vintage fabric that i think will be perfect for the backs of them. these will change pretty regularly as i only have limited prints of each fabric, but again, you can leave it for me to choose, or choose for yourself depending on what i have.

SO, what do you think? firstly, do you like them? and secondly, is this customisation something that you like? or is it just a little but pointless? 

i'd really love some feedback on all of these ideas- i can't wait to get more finished and up in the shop. next, it will be onto knitwear :)


  1. these are epic, the bicycle cross stitch is just my cup of tea exactly! wish I was as creative to make my own shop, good luck! x

    ramz and the flock

  2. Aww they are so cute! I think your customising ideas are great as long as you've got the time to work on customised orders, that's really the main reason I haven't been able to offer the option on my shop yet. Good luck with these I'm sure they'll be very popular! x

  3. beth: really? oh yay, that's good to hear :) thank you so much x

    elise: thank you :) yeah that's very true- i guess the time will depend on how much interest i get with them. x


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