Friday, 23 September 2011

just a little post to say that things may be quiet around here for a few days.
i was meant to be uploading new cross stitch designs and some knitting, but things never quite go to plan do they?
after struggling with my breathing/asthma for a few weeks, wednesday became unbearable and i spent most of the night in a&e. i had bajillions of tests done after fears of a blood clot or an air bubble in my lung, but luckily, all the tests came back clear. the doctors now think that something environmental is causing the problems- ie. the new flat and possible damp so i have been put on steroids.
consequently, i look like a mole (does anyone else look like they have 2 black eyes when taking steroids?!)

i'm feeling pretty knocked off my feet, but hopefully lots of rest over the next few days will work wonders, and i'll be back very soon with far more interesting and creative updates!


  1. Oh gosh! I hope you're ok, glad it's nothing nasty - get better soon! xx

  2. I really hope you feel better soon Skye. Make sure you get lots of rest, and maybe watch some Harry Potter, I always find that helps! xx

  3. My mum calls them 'piss holes in the snow' (such a way with words!) I get them too!! I'm glad i'm not too far away anymore should you need me! :) feel better soon pumpkin. defo do with Elise says and gets some HP on! xxx

  4. sophie/elise/kate: thank you all so much :) i'm glad we're all together in that harry potter makes us feel better! kate, that is an amazing way to describe them!! made me really laugh! xx

  5. I hope you feel better too, I'm on antibiotics and painkillers for other stuff at the moment and its making me feel very odd! No swollen eyes though, I feel bad for you. Harry Potter deffo. xxx

  6. ahh thank you laura :) sorry to hear your on meds too :( it's the worst thing isn't it. i really hope you're feeling better too- get hp on pronto! x


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