Tuesday, 20 September 2011

jumper:camden market rings:h&m & hand-made nail varnish:eyeko vintage

i went to camden market for the day last week with my mum and sister; i had forgotten how much i love it there!
mum kindly bought me this jumper, it is now one of the most comfortable things i own, and the rabbit looks just like the white rabbit in the alice in wonderland book i had as a child :)

i finally bought some wool from work yesterday, i cannot wait to get knitting again (i'm thinking a nice chunky hat & maybe a snood).
i'm still unsure about whether to sell any of my knitwear as wool is so expensive and i don't know if i'd be able to make a profit from it. it's really hard because i'd love to do it, but when shops like h&m and primark are selling knitwear for under £5, i wonder if people would be willing to spend more for hand-made pieces? decisions decisions. 
however, i have a few more cross stitch designs to post about and i'm constantly drawing up new ones so i'm sure they'll be up soon!


  1. I absolutly love that jumper!!! I'm in love! I love sweaters with animals on! Love the nails too, can you do mine? :) xx

  2. Ooh that jumper is gorgeous (: I love the mulberry pink marl. I'd be willing to pay more for handmade knitwear, as someone who studied knitwear as a module at college a few years ago, I know how much time and effort and costs go into the whole process! xx

  3. Bunny! That alone makes this jumper a winner in my eyes.
    I think people would buy handmade knitwear, I understand why you're unsure because of the low prices on the high street but it's always lovely to have something that no one else has! x

  4. kate: glad you agree, so cute right! of course i will paint your nails :) x

    michelle: thank you :) thanks for the feedback too, it really helps to know how other people see it- i think i'm going to knit a few more prototypes and see what the reaction is like on here and from friends etc. x

    elise: hehe, i'm glad you like it! thank you for the feedback, i hope other people agree with you :) i know i'd prefer hand-made things, i just have to hope everyone else does too! xx

  5. oh good lord i need your jumper!! xx

  6. sj: glad you like the jumper!! clothes with animals on are always winners right! :)


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