Wednesday, 7 September 2011


top:my mums! skirt:charity shop belt:vintage necklaces:gift&hand-made 

today is a total comfort type of day. the weather is bleak, and i'm exhausted from a busy few days, so i've been curled up cross stitching and watching harry potter. 
i bought this skirt last week and re-hemmed it as it was a very odd length. i love the brown gingham though, it felt fitting for the first week back to school (even if i am supposed to be an adult now!) 

yesterday i went for a meeting with a woman who runs an after school arts club, and am happy to say i will be starting as one of the volunteers next week :) 
i'm pretty excited as i love working with kids, and i get to help them create art! sounds perfect. 


  1. So cute!I love the hair, so pretty! I love the embroidery in the last post, you should do a tandem one :) xx

  2. Ooh I adore your skirt and necklace (: I wore a similar outfit today actually, I think I may re-hem my skirt too, it needs a new lease of life!

  3. your skirt is lovely - I always have to cut and re-hem my skirts and everything is always too long, but I quite like getting out my little sewing machine.

  4. kate: why didn't i think of that! a tandem would be fab, i'm gonna try it :) xx

    michelle: thank you :) it's so good having comfy outfits! isn't it amaze how a little bit of sewing can make such a difference! xx

    binia: thanks!! i agree, it's always nice to get hand on with thnigs- it makes the clothes feel more personal to you i think :) x

  5. Ohh this is such a gorgeous skirt! And your hair looks gorgeous like that x
    Sirens and Bells

  6. I love the skirt and your hairstyle is cute too :)
    Good luck with the volunteering! x


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