Monday, 12 September 2011

diana mini

just a few snaps that i had developed this week; from brighton pier and a day with my family. 
i cannot explain how excited i get when i'm handed the envelopes- i went and sat on a bench in town with these and must have looked mad sat there grinning! 
i also had a film a developed that j found when we were moving- he had no idea what it was from and turned out to be from our italy trip last year- it was so nice to get new memories from so long ago.
there are also a bunch from our last night out in epsom, which was the first proper outing with the diana flash- it is awesome! 
but then, as far as i'm concerned, this little camera can do no wrong.


  1. awesome little snaps! been lusting over a diana mini lots lately espec the little pink one. n'aw!

    ramz and the flock

  2. Hmmm, I really need to get to grips with my diana mini after seeing these shots! So pretty.

  3. Lovely snaps! Must take my Holga out on a trip soon x

  4. lovely photographs


  5. these pics have turned out amazingly well! i've wanted a diana for ages but worry that my lack of photography skills would be wasted on them as i heard that it is quite hard to get a decent image from easy do you find it? x

  6. melita: thank you so much! i think the the thing about film cameras, and the diana especially, is that you're always gonna have some oddities! i never expect to get a pack full of perfect photos, but to me the imperfections are what make it interesting! the only other thing i would say is that the diana is REALLY fussy about light- give it lots of light and you'll be fine :) x

  7. awesome, i'm definitely re-interested in buying one! might put it on my christmas list seeing as it's fast approaching! x

  8. So pretty they look fab!! I love shooting film, its so exciting and slightly enchanting!! Wish I had more time to shoot and print film!


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