Saturday, 17 September 2011

a creature i don't know

the fangirl in me was very excited to get this cute tote bag with laura marling's new album (from hmv if anyone wanted to know!) and i intend to spend this whole weekend listening to the album on repeat. 
yes really. 

i won't ramble on about her anymore, but will leave with this beautifully poignant note, not written in one of her songs, but in the last line of her "thank-you's" inside the album sleeve <3
(am i the only one who reads those?)

"here's to love and logic, two creatures of unceasing cruelty, and endless joy".


  1. i love laura marling, she has such a beautiful the bag!
    xo Elly @

  2. Ohh that bag is gorgeous, may I ask how much it cost? I might go out and get it...
    I love Laura Marling, her voice is incredible, 'I Speak Because I Can' and 'Alas, I Cannot Swim' are often on repeat on my iTunes!
    I don't really buy albums anymore, but when I did, I spent hours going through the album sleeve :) x
    Sirens and Bells

  3. elly: i know, her voice is amazing isn't it :)

    katy: ditto, i've listened to them all countless times & still love them to bits. glad i'm not the only one- i loved reading the sleeves! the bag was free by the way! i think it's for this week only, but it might still be worth checking x


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