Thursday, 25 August 2011

table for two

so here they are, my favourite thrifty finds for the new flat. 
the table is from a buried away charity shop in cirencester, it was amazing and i could have easily spent hours in there. i had to convince j that mismatched furniture was definitely not an issue, and once he came round, we nabbed it for £15 and began the hunt for some chairs. 
ebay has an awesome selection of chairs- i'm not sure if it was easier because we wanted two instead of four, but there were tons to choose from. 
we were really lucky and found these pretty quickly- they had about 20 minutes to go, were close enough for us to pick up, and were only on 99p, so we went for it. with about 1 minute left, i was sure we'd be thrown into a bidding war, but luck was definitely on our side- we won them with only one other bid, for the grand sum of £2.20!! easily my best bargain ever! 

i was slightly worried about picking them up- i panicked that we must've read wrong and were going to come away with dolls house furniture, but here they are, and i absolutely love them :) they are in amaze condition, and for mismatched furniture, i think they fit pretty perfectly with the table. 

the chairs have started a bit of a joke with everything else that we buy now- it's slightly bizarre knowing that things like our lunch will cost more than them! what do you think? 


  1. They look so perfect. I am especially in love with that table!!

  2. Amazing buy! I think I'd get frustrated that nothing was such a bargain, haha x

  3. £2.20 for some chairs?! That's amazing! I think mismatched furniture looks lovely, these twho seem to go really well!

    x x x

  4. bee: it's lovely isn't it! yay that you like them :) xx

    laura: haha i know what you mean! it definitely makes you question prices that's for sure x

    hayley: thank you! me too, i think some pieces are just meant to be together! x

  5. how do you do it? Your like some sort of bargin hunter extrordinaire!its amazing! I love thrift furniture, and the little flower type details on the chairs and table are lovely! x

  6. The chairs are beautiful, I love the fabric!



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