Saturday, 6 August 2011

a little DIY

hello hello :)
i am back on the isle of wight for the weekend to celebrate my mumma's birthday, so for 2 whole days i have internet! i am far too excited about this.

here is the DIY that i have been meaning to post for ages- i actually bought the magazine rack back in january, but only got round to re-vamping it last month.

the magazine rack was £3 from a charity shop, and i knew that it would work amazingly to hold my knitting bits, so after sourcing some reduced paint from b&q for £1, and grabbing some sandpaper, i was ready to make it look...less seventies shall we say! i stupidly forgot to take a before pic, but you can work out the colour from the "in process" pics.

sanding it down took the longest- it was only half way through that i realised taking it apart would make it a lot easier (doh) but after that, it was easy peasy- 3 coats of paint left over night in between each, and voila!

overall, i think the project cost about £6 which i'm chuffed about; it fits perfectly in the new flat and shows off my knitting bits. 
what do you think?

so glad to finally be writing again, i have lots more posts lined up- if all goes well i should have internet sorted in the new flat by next week :)
also, a big thank you to my blog-bestie kate, who mentioned me in a recent post which i'm sure is the reason for the increase in readers over here!


  1. ah, it looks awesome! I am so rubbish at things like this, haha x

    ramz and the flock

  2. DIY wizard!! Between my baking and your home improvement skillzzzz we could rule the world!! And don't be daft, people visit your blog cos yous awesome! :) :) xxx
    ps-your going to have to teach me how to cast on and off so I can knit too,and have a cute knitting holder!! x

  3. Ah it looks lovely! All my knitting stuff is living in a giant Primark bag atm so I'm jealous of yours looking so pretty :)


  4. beth: thank you! i'm sure i could've been neater with it, but my way was easier! x

    kate: i wish i was a wizard! :) we could definitely own the best shop in the world. thank you lovely :) i will definitely teach you! it's so much fun x

    katy: thank you :) x

    jess: thanks! i'd definitely recommend it, it's so nice having all the wool on show!x

  5. This looks great Skye! I love revamping bits and pieces that other overlook. x

  6. thanks sam :) i saw your re-vamped chair- it looks fab! i wouldn't have known how to start with upholstery!x


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