Saturday, 20 August 2011

cross stitch

for one of my final projects at uni, i learnt to cross stitch, and got pretty darn addicted. there are some awesome patterns out there, and i love how personalised you can make them.
one of the pieces i made was this "keep calm" slogan, and from then on, i've been jotting down my own ideas to make.

i've been helping kate recently with some drawings, and decided to try and translate one into cross stitch for her... this is the finished result:

when i get an idea into my head, i get pretty impatient and probably should have drawn a chart first, but i just made it up as i went along & am really chuffed with the results :) 

i have a few more pieces that i want to try, but what i want to know, is what do you think?? are these something that you would want to buy? and would you be interested in having a personalised piece made?
my plans to start selling all my homemade bits and bobs is growing and i have a notebook full of ideas, so now i need feedback! i've also got lots of knitwear accessories planned, but i'll leave those for another day. 

i'd love to hear any thoughts you have- this is something i'm really excited for and can't wait to share it all!


  1. Love these!! They're great, can't wait to see more of your ideas x

  2. aw,theres my cupcake,so sweet! I love them,I have so many material scraps your welcome to if you need backing! :)

  3. Ooh I love these, cross stich looks so good! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  4. elise: thank you!! :) i'll hopefully be putting up some more very soon x

    kate: there it is indeed! glad you liked it :) ooh that would be great! scraps of fabric are like gold dust x

    katy: thank you :) there's deffo something special about it x

  5. They look really good. I agree with the others, would like to see a few more of your ideas. You're obviously very creative :). I'm thinking of selling homemade things on my blog in the near future. Very inspiring. x

  6. daisy, thank you so much :) i really appreciate it. i'll be uploading more as i do them, i'm hoping to get my little shop up and running soon! x

  7. adorable! I think you would like the cupcake even better if you did some outlining in a backstitch. It really makes the design pop!


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