Monday, 29 August 2011

adventure is out there

just a little snap today as i'm feeling pretty under the weather.
my sister gave this badge to me as a graduation present- isn't it the sweetest thing! we are both total film geeks, and are always quoting our favourite lines to each other.
UP is one of those films that totally sucks you in; in fact, pixar are just pretty amazing at making incredible films!
i always get comments on the badge- everyone seems to know what it's from straight away :)

p.s. excuse my wild mane getting in the way!


  1. this is the sweetest thing ever, me and my sister aren't anywhere near as close as you guys sound hahah! xo

    ramz and the flock

  2. elise: ah thanks, glad you agree :) x

    beth: thankyou! awh really, a lot of people comment that we're really close, i never really thought about it! x


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