Wednesday, 31 August 2011

london airport

i have a bit of a weakness for necklaces and rings.
i have a whole jumbled up stand full of necklaces, and most mornings i end up raging because they're all tangled together.
these two are particular favourites- the locket is victorian and has an engraved pattern on the back as well as the blue on the front.
the london airport charm is a little bit of a novelty. i'm sure once upon a time it was attached to a lovely tourists bum bag, but i love it all the same- it opens out to show dozens of postcard snaps of london airport buildings- totally bizarre.

still not feeling 100% at the moment, i'm currently curled up reading harry potter and the half blood prince (and sighing at how much they ruined the film) and jotting down a few more designs.
i'm almost finished with a new cross stitch design, so hopefully that will be up next week.

Monday, 29 August 2011

adventure is out there

just a little snap today as i'm feeling pretty under the weather.
my sister gave this badge to me as a graduation present- isn't it the sweetest thing! we are both total film geeks, and are always quoting our favourite lines to each other.
UP is one of those films that totally sucks you in; in fact, pixar are just pretty amazing at making incredible films!
i always get comments on the badge- everyone seems to know what it's from straight away :)

p.s. excuse my wild mane getting in the way!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

table for two

so here they are, my favourite thrifty finds for the new flat. 
the table is from a buried away charity shop in cirencester, it was amazing and i could have easily spent hours in there. i had to convince j that mismatched furniture was definitely not an issue, and once he came round, we nabbed it for £15 and began the hunt for some chairs. 
ebay has an awesome selection of chairs- i'm not sure if it was easier because we wanted two instead of four, but there were tons to choose from. 
we were really lucky and found these pretty quickly- they had about 20 minutes to go, were close enough for us to pick up, and were only on 99p, so we went for it. with about 1 minute left, i was sure we'd be thrown into a bidding war, but luck was definitely on our side- we won them with only one other bid, for the grand sum of £2.20!! easily my best bargain ever! 

i was slightly worried about picking them up- i panicked that we must've read wrong and were going to come away with dolls house furniture, but here they are, and i absolutely love them :) they are in amaze condition, and for mismatched furniture, i think they fit pretty perfectly with the table. 

the chairs have started a bit of a joke with everything else that we buy now- it's slightly bizarre knowing that things like our lunch will cost more than them! what do you think? 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

cross stitch

for one of my final projects at uni, i learnt to cross stitch, and got pretty darn addicted. there are some awesome patterns out there, and i love how personalised you can make them.
one of the pieces i made was this "keep calm" slogan, and from then on, i've been jotting down my own ideas to make.

i've been helping kate recently with some drawings, and decided to try and translate one into cross stitch for her... this is the finished result:

when i get an idea into my head, i get pretty impatient and probably should have drawn a chart first, but i just made it up as i went along & am really chuffed with the results :) 

i have a few more pieces that i want to try, but what i want to know, is what do you think?? are these something that you would want to buy? and would you be interested in having a personalised piece made?
my plans to start selling all my homemade bits and bobs is growing and i have a notebook full of ideas, so now i need feedback! i've also got lots of knitwear accessories planned, but i'll leave those for another day. 

i'd love to hear any thoughts you have- this is something i'm really excited for and can't wait to share it all!

Friday, 12 August 2011

back to normal

i'm back!
yesterday finally saw the arrival of a phone line & internet in the flat.
i've been catching up on lots of my favourite blogs, hundreds of emails, and searching for more brighton based work.
i can finally get around to posting again which is fab :) i have a post with some photos of the flat lined up, and a few more with future craft/designing plans.
for now, here is a collage i made last week as a birthday card for my mum.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

a little DIY

hello hello :)
i am back on the isle of wight for the weekend to celebrate my mumma's birthday, so for 2 whole days i have internet! i am far too excited about this.

here is the DIY that i have been meaning to post for ages- i actually bought the magazine rack back in january, but only got round to re-vamping it last month.

the magazine rack was £3 from a charity shop, and i knew that it would work amazingly to hold my knitting bits, so after sourcing some reduced paint from b&q for £1, and grabbing some sandpaper, i was ready to make it look...less seventies shall we say! i stupidly forgot to take a before pic, but you can work out the colour from the "in process" pics.

sanding it down took the longest- it was only half way through that i realised taking it apart would make it a lot easier (doh) but after that, it was easy peasy- 3 coats of paint left over night in between each, and voila!

overall, i think the project cost about £6 which i'm chuffed about; it fits perfectly in the new flat and shows off my knitting bits. 
what do you think?

so glad to finally be writing again, i have lots more posts lined up- if all goes well i should have internet sorted in the new flat by next week :)
also, a big thank you to my blog-bestie kate, who mentioned me in a recent post which i'm sure is the reason for the increase in readers over here!