Sunday, 31 July 2011


sunday mornings are my favourite. duvet, pjs & tea whilst reading or watching repeats of the antiques roadshow.

we have been in our new flat for 9 days now, and it's starting to feel more and more like home. living by the sea again is amaze, i never realised how much i missed it.

i miss having the internet though- there are so many things i want to post about. thank you to everyone who reads this, and for sticking around through all these changes.

i'm off home next weekend, so will finally be able to write properly- see you soon <3 

p.s. until then, i will be tweeting as usual :) the link is on the right hand side! >>


  1. I adore Sundays, a cup of coffee, a duvet and a sizeable stack of newspapers and magazines is just my thing! I'm glad your flat is feeling like home now, always nice when things start to click into place. xxxx

  2. Glad to hear the new flat is good, I've been desperate to live by the sea for a long time. Hopefully in three years time!

  3. i smiled so much when i saw your blog name, it's so wonderful!
    and seaside living is the best!

  4. Happy you're settling in well :D

  5. michelle: definitely, it's the way sundays should be spent :) thank you x

    laura: fingers crossed for seaside living for you :) it's so worth it.

    binia: i'm glad the blog name made you smile! it's one of my fave quotes of all time.

    bee: thank you!! :) we're getting there



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